Monday, 16 March 2009

Guest Blogger – Having a Break Today



Today there is no guest blogger. While my blog is a labour of love – it is also a tiring labour of love. I do intend to take the odd break between guest and catch up on streamlining the next few guest bloggers As it is a process and it can be time consuming and as much as i love meeting all the people who have agreed to join me on Erotic Horizon, a big part of making them and me happy is to prioritize, so the odd miss once every three months to recharge my batteries will have to happen in the future.

Next week it’s back to business and I have decided to also do myself as a guest as well. Check back to see when you will learn all about me and the other exciting guest blogger that i lined up.

If feel that you would like to let others know why you blog and also join me in my aim to get people into reading and writing, please join me and become a Guest Blogger on the site. Email me at to know how you can get involved.


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