Friday, 13 March 2009

For Love Or Money - Lavada Dee


The Blurb

Wealthy hotel owner Alexander Colin King wants a child and heir. He is used to getting what he wants and he wants Megan Moore for the mother of his baby. Alex knows he can make his proposal easier if he takes a more traditional approach, but he will be honest with Megan. No courting, no wine and roses.  This is going to be a business proposal. 
When Alex presents her with his business proposal, Megan at first thinks he's asking her to be a surrogate mother, but he quickly makes it clear he intends to create a child the traditional way.



The Review

Alexander King is not used to the word no, so when he has a brainwave of an idea, he knows the perfect woman to approach. Alex is a plain speaking sort of guy in business and it is with this same sort of ruthlessness that he approaches one of his employees with the deal to have his baby.

When Alex approaches Meagan Moore with his proposition, she is not only bowled over but put into a position where she is totally confused, as thinking he means one thing, but really Alex intends to create the child in the traditional way and with all that she has on her plate at the moment, can she really refuse him?

A most wonderful read, I read FOR LOVE OR MONEY in one sitting. The protagonists are loveable. Even at their worst they are great individually and just magic together.

Alex is a go-getter and will roll over anyone and anything to get what he wants, he however gets his comeuppance when he tangles with Megan, as Megan shows him another life from the one he has known and it makes him want more and he wants it all with Megan.

Megan has her own set of immediate issues to deal with now and baggage from her past that makes it not very appealing to get involved with Alex and his world. Her emotions are another matter however, as her heart quivers just from the mere presence of the man, but after all is said and done will he leave her heart intact or will it shatter with his ultimate departure?

Readers will fall in love with Lavada Dee’s protagonists, they are caught up in an emotional battle with harsh words being said and even harder choicest that they have to adjust to and make the best of for all the parties involved.

The author’s style is clean, fast pace and a few moments of sarcasm are aptly time and make the story all that better. Lavada Dee is an author I would gladly read again in the future.

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