Sunday, 15 March 2009

[The Double B] - The Cowboy Comes Home - Roni Adams


The Blurb

They say you can never go home again. Tyler Weston is hoping that's not true. Two years ago he thought he wanted freedom and to be as far away from Sweet Meadow, Texas as he could get. He left behind his family's ranch, his brothers and his childhood sweetheart, Beth Sampson. Now he's home for the holidays, but he's hoping to make it a permanent move. Will he be able to mend the hurts he's caused especially with Beth or has she grown up and gotten completely over him?

Beth Sampson thought her world was ending when Tyler left her. He didn't even have the decency to face her and break up, he just left with no word. Its taken her this long to even begin to think about living again and now he's back for the holidays. Her only defense is to pretend indifference until he leaves again. The holidays can't go by fast enough for her. She needs him out of sight before she makes a complete fool of herself. What kind of woman loves a man who leaves like that?




The Review

After heartbreak and months of loneliness, Beth Sampson has reached a stage where she is managing to put one foot in front of the other and get on with, not only her life but her career as well. A big part of her recovery was due to her family and friends, who has made sure she knew she was loved and needed. Now that things are going so well – the prodigal Weston son – Tyler – returns; the man who broke her heart is back and he wants another chance.

Leaving the Double B ranch and Beth has been the hardest thing that Tyler Weston has ever had to do. Now he’s back older and wiser than the boy who ran away and he has two things on his agenda - prove to his family that he has changed, and to court Beth as he has never done before.

While his family is overjoyed to see him and accepts him with open arms – Beth is another matter totally, especially, when a chance for him to be his own boss comes about that will have him leaving Beth - again. Will he ever get a chance to make it right with the woman he love?

Roni Adams starts the year with a winner and THE COWBOY COMES HOME is most certainly that. After the fantastic introduction to the brood at the Double B ranch we are treated to yet another visit to the goings on at the ranch.

After being away from the ranch for the past two years, Tyler Weston is home. More confident in his ability to be of use on the ranch, he easily steps back into the arms of the family that have missed him. However, with the woman that he loves and has hurt beyond measure it’s however another matter entirely.

After the emotional rollercoaster that the past two years has been for Beth, she will not roll over and accept Tyler, when he comes sniffing. She sticks to her resolve and holds on to old hurt and only after a prod from the most unlikeliest of person – she realize that she may have had it too've brighten my horizen badge

Roni Adams has continued this fantastic ranch series with THE COWBOY COMES HOME, and she has done a brilliant job, giving us protagonists that we not only feel for but hurt for as well. She has also deepened the plot, thereby ensuring that we are eagerly awaiting the third and other subsequent to following in the series.

THE COWBOY COMES HOME is a keeper and fans of Ms. Adams are in for a treat, new reader not only is the Double B ranch series one to watch, but Ms. Adam’s has joined my growing list of must buy authors.




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