Tuesday, 10 March 2009

The Colors of Love and Autumn - Lee Pulaski


The Blurb

Fleeing a lengthy break up, Shilo David heads for the Wisconsin woods, hoping the fall foliage will heal and inspire him. What he finds is Jeffrey Layton, a man also on the rebound, but scared to love again, worried that he'll lose anyone he loves the way he lost his boyfriend to cancer.

Shilo and Jeffrey have to work together, searching for new love and learning that some things are meant to be, even when you fight them. Even when the odds seem insurmountable. Will they find true happiness that outshines even the forests Shilo longed to discover?

The Review

Shilo David high tails it to Wisconsin after a lengthy breakup, and while not really broken hearted he has a lot of reservations about his next step in the romance department. The lure of Wisconsin is the foliage and the fauna of the area and he hopes the changing seasons will play a big part in healing not only his soul but his heart as well.

Soon after moving he meets a wonderful man – Jeffrey Layton, a man working through his own set of issues and living under the radar of small town nosiness and even more vocal co-workers.

Jeffery and Shilo sets about on a course of soul searching and exploring areas of themselves that they have ignored or have not looked at in a long while. Somewhere in paradise however, someone wants to end it all before they have even had a chance to learn enough about each other. Jeffery is scarred of putting a wrong foot forward and Shilo is a go getter and will settle for nothing less than letting his voice be heard. Can these two rough edges fit together in time before they lose all that they have been trying to build?

THE COLOUR OF LOVE AND AUTUMN has been knocking about on my TBR pile for awhile and I regretted not reading it earlier, but now that I have, it’s a story that brings out all the emotions that you would expect from a good book.

Shilo is a sweetheart, I fell in love with him from the moment he’s introduced and he lived up to my expectations. Hurt and heart sore he uproots himself and is determined to start life all over again in small town Wisconsin. When he meets Jeffery a new start opens for him in the romance area as he is not only different from his last experience but he is so aware of Shilo, that Jeffery feel like he’s known him forever.

Jeffery is a refreshing change from the more recent erotic hero, he takes thing easy and he is totally investing in wooing Shilo irrespective of the rush that Shilo wants to put on the relationship.

Lee Pulaski is a new to me author and THE COLOUR OF LOVE AND AUTUMN was an absolute pleasure to have read. A nice easy read, with well rounded protagonists, supporting characters that not only let you laugh out loud, but they are really the backbone of this story.

A fantastic read from this author, I will be looking out for greater thing to come.


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