Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Weekly Geek - Week 4 - Our Passion





For a few weeks now I have been promising to take part in the Weekly Geek events, but I have never yet made it to that point. This week I am late with my answer, but, better late than never.


This week the Weekly Geek wants to find out a bit more about that passionate side of us, what make us smile and have that goofy grin of satisfaction.


#1. What are you passionate about besides reading and blogging? For example, are you crafty (knitting, woodworking, scrapbooking, model building)? Do you cook? Into gaming (computer or board)? Sports (player or spectator)? Photography? Maybe you like geocaching, rock climbing? Or love attending events like renaissance fairs, concerts? Music? Dancing? You get the idea.

Tell us why you're passionate about it. Post photos of what you've made or of yourself doing whatever it is you love doing.

While I read a hell of a lot of books and all over the place with my reading habits - I have to admit my passion lies in the kitchen. I am a fair to brilliant cook and has mentioned before my family have food on tap. I am one of those cooks who can see a bare fridge and come up with a mouthwatering meal. I own a vast amount of cook books from barbecue to traditional country meal, however I rarely use them as I fly by the seat of my pants and use all my senses in the kitchen to whip up my creations.


Another thing I am rather anally retentive about is crossword puzzles, I have subscriptions, I have Website bookmarked, they are in the kitchen, the living room and I never leave home without one in my handbag. The one thing I hate is people who look at the answers before trying - I never look at the answer - I leave it, take a little while and get back to it - most time it wrong anyhow....


The last thing I am not only passionate about, but Music has seen me through some rocky, memorable and happy time over the years - while I am not partial to what I listen to,  I have a special love for Jazz - a little Dave Sanborn or Miles Davis before bed - anytime!!!!!


#2. Get us involved. Link to tutorials, recipes, You tube videos, Website, fan sites, etc, anything that will help us learn more about your interest or how to do your hobby. Maybe you'd like to link to another hobbyist whose work you admire or tell us about a book or magazine related to your interest.

I have just had a quick peek  at some of the other blogger that have participated and a few are crossword puzzles fanatics as well Alessandra from Alessandra Place and gautami tripathy to name a few. Some are really cool fun and worth while checking out again.


This  was a fun challenge this week.

2 Speak To Me:

Chrisbookarama on 5 February 2009 at 22:27 said...

I wish I had that talent in the kitchen!

Dorte H on 6 February 2009 at 13:49 said...

I like crosswords though I am not exactly passionate about them.
What I like doing in the kitchen, however, is eating my husband´s food :)
I hope he knows how much I appreaciate him.