Friday, 13 February 2009

The Things You Think You Want - Mary Eason

The Blurb

Carrie Sinclair thought she knew exactly what she wanted from life until she came face-to-face with the bluest eyes in Texas.

Caterer Carrie Sinclair thinks she has the perfect life and doesn’t need a man to complete it. Her pudgy kitty Max is the man in her life, and that’s enough for her. Then, quite by accident, she comes across the man of her dreams. Tyler Bennedict is perfect boyfriend material: Charming, sweet, rich, and incredibly sexy. No matter that he’s made it clear he’s not looking for a serious relationship. One night in his arms, and all her usual warning bells about men go silent.

She should have listened to those bells, and to Aunt Mable. Enter Tyler’s real estate tycoon father, Richard. He makes it relentlessly clear she is not the woman for his son, and comes up with creative ways to keep them apart until Carrie sees the light.

In one fell swoop she swears off all men, closes her business, and gets out of Austin. But no matter how far and how fast you run, the unexpected bumps in the road have a way of revealing the truth and turning your life—and your heart—a complete 180.



The Review

Carrie Sinclair, owner of the small catering firm Carrie’s Creative Catering is not in the market for any man. After her last disastrous relationship the one man that takes up any of her time is her cat - Max. When she meets Tyler Benedict at a function that she was catering, she thinks what the hell – everyone deserves a second shot at happiness.

Tyler Benedict is not a safe bet for any girl, he knows it and he quickly lets Carrie knows that he can’t promise her more than the here and now. When emotion burns hotter than common sense, they both leap into a relationship that is tangled in more compromises and avoidance than is needed to maintain a healthy relationship.

Both Tyler and Carrie want more from the relationship than they have, but with a father who is not happy about the relationship between his son and a woman not from their social class and an aunt whose only concern is for the niece she loves – can they make it work?

For fan looking for a story with a plot, and a story that goes the distance, you will not be disappointed in Ms. Eason’s THE THINGS YOU THINK YOU WANT. Carrie could be any woman wanting to find happiness and is willing to overlook a lot of things to make this happen. While she has the general up and downs of life, nosy family and an even nosier friend, she knows where to draw the line when her principles are stepped on and her patience is tested to its limit.

Tyler is a fantastic personality, sexy, macho and confident about what he wants, and what he wants is Carrie. He is the first to admit to not being able to commit to a relationship. However when he no longer has what he thinks he didn’t want, he soon realize that what he wants was always his to have.

Ms Eason brilliance is highlighted by the twist and turn of the plot and her characters ability to adjust to everything that’s thrown at them. THE THINGS YOU THINK YOU WANT is a very enjoyable read.


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