Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Secret Rendezvous – Jamie Hill



The Blurb

Peter McClellan's history with Aaron Whittaker runs deep, and though he'd like to leave what happened in the past, his old lover seems intent on keeping their rivalry alive.
Peter McClellan is a partner in a Chicago advertising agency. His company is doing well, but if he can land Mirabel Cosmetics' Rendezvous Cologne account, he thinks the agency will skyrocket to success.

Aaron Whittaker is the last person he expects to see in the Mirabel offices. The two men were college lovers, their relationship irreparably severed when Aaron 'borrowed' an idea from Peter for his senior project.

Aaron's reactions to Peter are cold and hot - icy when they first become reacquainted, but hot as fire when they reconnect in the bedroom. Can old transgressions be forgiven, or is the past doomed to haunt their possibilities for a future together



The Review


Peter McClellan has come a far way since high school and wants to go further, partner in an advertising agency he sets his sight on landing a large cosmetic cologne account which he knows will put him and his company on the map.

Despite the usual anxiety at the pitch session and throwing snide remarks at his rivals, the last person Peter expects to see is his old high school friend, who just happens to be an old lover and the man who stole more than his senior project.

Thrown for a moment by the sudden appearance of Aaron Whittaker, Peter knows he has to find common ground between the two in order for them to work in the same city together. When Aaron reaction is not what he expects and things goes downhill – In every encounter that Peter has with Aaron,  Peter however knows that irrespective of their difference, they are better together than apart.

Jamie Hill has come out swinging with a wonderful Valentine day treat in Secret Rendezvous. Peter is at a phase in his life where he is comfortable and puts all his effort and free time into building his company, when he sees Aaron again after all these years he is not only thrown off kilter but it forces him to look at a point of his life that he has swept under the carpet for too long.

Aaron is not only the one that got away but also the one that broke Peter’s heart. Aaron is back now and if Peter judges him by his action he can stay gone; However there was always one place where they were magic together and that has not changed – there is a dark cloud on their horizon however as both men needs to deal with the past before they have any chance of a future.

A short story that will have readers seeing the light that is Jamie Hill, this story is not new, but Jamie Hill has given so much more to the plot and my only regret is that this story was not longer. An enjoyable read that will have you hunting down other works by Ms. Hill.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the lovely review. I appreciate it so much!


Erotic Horizon on 18 February 2009 at 06:53 said...

You're welcome - This was a fun read for me.


Becky W. on 18 February 2009 at 22:03 said...

This sounds good...I'll add it to my ever-growing TBR list!

Awesome being contacted by the author!

Erotic Horizon on 19 February 2009 at 08:02 said...

Hey Becky,

This is a sweet read, it hits just the right note for the Valentines Weekend.

Your TBR list is getting out of control - it's such a pleasure to add to it.