Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Romanticising The Paranormal




Just recently a girlfriend and I went to see "Twilight" and while I admit, I had issues with it - it also highlighted the fact that authors, movies, graphic artist and us lovely reviewers have romanticised the whole paranormal genre. I would be very surprised if we still believe in "Things that go bump in the night".

Yeah, Yeah - I know some will frown and say yes we still do and I would agree - but on the other hand , while it, she or he may go bump in the night, I for one has reach the stage where I would be probably be checking to see if its has, fangs, if it's a shifter and more importantly how buff it his. So clearly that negate the whole bump in the night fear.
Because clearly - if you are packing all of the above - there ain't no why you are going bump in my night, without me bumping right back.

Let me know your thoughts and book or series that has just blown the whole "Bump in the night" fear apart.

For me it JJ Massa's - Montgomery Wolf series - those lad could bump through 24hrs of my day if they had a mind to.






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Desert Rose on 10 February 2009 at 09:53 said...

Interesting topic!!

Well to me it started with the Twilight saga and then the Southern Vampires series.. also the Vampire Knight anime!! Now I just adore Vamps, Weres and Shifters!!

As for the JJ Massa series.. you got me intrigued.. I will start them soon :)

Erotic Horizon on 10 February 2009 at 14:09 said...

Hey DeSeRt RoSe

Oooh Yes the Vampire Knight - i love that series, and hunted down all i could get me hands on.

Have you read Crimson Spell - another two who could rock my world - anytime.

The Montgomery Series is a were series - it's so good.

Thanks for stopping by.