Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Perfect Game - Jordana Ryan





The Blurb

When her mother dies, Jessie decides to take a chance and get to know the father she had idolized from a distance, but never really had a relationship with. In Santa Fe, she's determined to make a new start no matter what it takes.

Trevor Malone is the pitcher for the Santa Fe Devils, the team Jessie's father coaches. When a career threatening injury occurs, he is forced to get to know Jessie as the woman she is rather than the bratty child he remembers from a single visit years ago.

As the two come together in their own individual times of tragedy, they find that they can take of their masks and just be who they really are. Despite the odds, Jessie and Trevor begin a journey that changes them and those around them.

Could love really be better than chasing the high of pitching the Perfect Game




The Review

The last time Jesse visited her father, the visit was less than spectacular. However now that her mother has died she feels the need to make that connection with the man she has never got the chance to know. In Santa Fe, where her dad was the coach of the Santa Fe Devils, was not only a team that thinks of her as a jinx, but the man that thinks she’s a brat… Trevor Malone.

Trevor Malone is at a precarious stage of his career when a litany of life changing events happens, literally all at once. He gets injured and has a chance to step back and look at where he is and what he wants. Jesse the coach’s daughter is back… and this time she is different.

A tragedy shared is not a tragedy halved as Jesse and Trevor quickly find out, but with an attraction that cannot be denied they come together despite their emotional instability. Life has a way of getting into the mix of things when you least expect it and Trevor and Jesse have a long battle finding their way home.

Perfect Game is my first read by Ms. Ryan and it was an absolute pleasure. We are introduced to Jesse who comes with her set of scars and fears, but she is also determined to take things in stride and get on with the choices that are available to her. She has a lot to deal with and adjust to, but with Trevor’s help she learns more about herself and the people she loves.

Trevor, star pitcher for the Santa Fe Devils, is going through his own share of trauma as well, injured and having the reality of life literally catch up with him is an eye opening situation that catches Trevor unawares. He clings to Jesse to get him through it.

Jesse and Trevor’s love is a gentle process that builds from friendship and overcomes a lot to be a force that they cannot deny. The supporting cast lends themselves to not only making them stronger people but also let them know and understand the quality of the love that they have for each other.

Jordana Ryan has penned a fantastic novel with Perfect Game that drags you through the emotional battlefield of life and love with characters who have found each other at the time they need each other. You’ll shed tears and fall in love all over again.



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