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The Men of CCD 2 - Slow Seduction - Marie Rochelle




The Blurb:


From the moment he laid eyes on Jenisha Roman, Clinton Campbell wanted her. He knew he would stop at nothing to make the leggy, dark-skinned beauty his, and nobody - not family, not Jenisha’s manipulative boss, not his delusional ex-girlfriend - would interfere.

Jenisha can’t help her attraction to the dashing, successful Clinton. He’s every bit as handsome as his brother, her best friend’s husband. As much as she wants a relationship with Clinton, a dark cloud hangs over them; a tragic secret Jenisha thinks could change everything.

Little does Jenisha know, however, that her secrets aren’t half as threatening as the dangerous end her boss is plotting for her…




The Review:

Hired to work on an extension to a school, Clinton Campbell awaits the arrival of the person in charge of organizing the project. When Jenisha walked through the door he had the perfect opportunity to study her before she realize that he was there and from the moment he sees her – he wanted her – now to convince Ms. Jenisha Roman that he was the best man for the job all way round.

Jenisha just want to get on with what she love –teaching. Organizing a project to make her school better is only another way for her to get more involved in an area that she love. However that’s not the only thing that she gets out of the project – she gets Clinton Campbell, architect and contractor and also the man that she is instantly attracted to.

Clinton is determined to make Jenisha his and Jenisha is cautious, with secrets from her past finding a way into her present, she is leery; Will they have a chance to find each other as an unknown danger is stalking them both.

SLOW SEDUCTION is all about Hayward’s brother finding his girl. Clinton is a go getter. He rarely let anything stands in his way once he decides on what he wants.

When he meets Jenisha not only was he instantly attracted to her beauty, but he was more than impressed with the way she carries herself and her enthusiasm for the project that brought him to her.

Jenisha is living and getting on with the business of the day, she has no time for a man, irrespective of how attracted she is to him. When a few dates turns into the chance of a lifetime – she finds herself at a crossroad that she has to make some decision about.

Marie Rochelle second book in The Men of CCD series is just as exciting and tension filled as her first LOVING TRUE.

Jenisha and Clinton are not only perfect for each other, they grow on you over time and by the end of the book – you can see why they had to go through it all to be together.

With Ms. Rochelle style for sharp twist and turns that are really surprising once the revelations are made, readers will no doubt enjoy this read.

Let’s see where Ms. Rochelle take us next as these two books are really a hard act to follow.


P.S> This book can be read as a stand only the only need to know info is explained early on in the book.

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Julia on 29 March 2009 at 16:46 said...

Great Reveiw Marie. I loved Slow Seduction, I even bougt the print copy.

Erotic Horizon on 29 March 2009 at 16:49 said...

Thanks for stopping by Julia,

This author is definately one of my favourite.

I am looking forward to Slow Seduction.....