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The Men of CCD 1 - Loving true - Marie Rochelle



This week I had the chance to reread Marie Rochelle Men of CCD series and as much as I enjoyed it a few years ago, it only gets better with the re-read.


These two books have recently been re-released on Phaze, even the covers are new.







The Blurb


True Williams thinks she has it all: An excellent job, intelligence, and a wonderful boyfriend that loves her more than anything in the world. That's why his betrayal cuts her to the bone and she flees town, wanting to put her ex-boyfriend behind her. She vows to not let another devastatingly handsome man into her heart or life.


Her promise is put to the test when she moves next door to the amazingly sexy Hayward Campbell. Hayward Campbell moved to Montana to get away from the life that still seems to haunt him. He isn't interested in any woman until a pair of shapely mahogany legs gets out of a flashy red sports car. Will Hayward and True be able to get over their tormented pasts and find love with each other in...Loving True?


The Review:

Running away never help, but that’s exactly what True William does when her world crashes around her. When her boyfriend betrays her, leaving her without a job and also egg on her face with her employers, she high tails it to a quiet town in Montana. Losing the trust that she gave whole heartedly to someone she thought she would be able to rely on has also left her jaded and not open to the possibility of another relationship. That said no where in her thinking has she made plan for her sexy neighbour – even in the outback of Montana.

When Hayward Campbell with his own emotional turmoil see the sexy new neighbour – he thinks don’t let it be a female asking for what he can’t give – even if it’s only directly. When he gets the first chance to brush up against True – all bets were off and he was a man now on the hunt and his sexy next door neighbour was the prey.

One of my earliest Marie Rochelle book and with the re-release I have decided to revisit the book -  I loved it then and  I love it now. Not only has Ms. Rochelle given us a book with a plot albeit tried and proven, but she has enhance on it with characters that are worth the read and with enough twist and turns that will ensure this book sticks with you long after you have read it..


LOVING TRUE is a full length read, but the pace is fast enough for you to probably do it in one go.


True Williams has not only been hurt, but also a lot of her confidence has been eroded – when she decides to make a fresh start away from all that she know and love. She finds a lot more than she bargained for in small town Montana - namely a house that is more than an improvement on her previously rented overpriced apartment, a sense of peace wherever she looks and to top it off a drop dead sexy neighbour, who after a rocky start was starting to mean more to her than she would ever image.

Hayward is in seclusion and not even is brother can get him to leave the isolation of the little town he’s decided to become a hermit in. When a woman turns up to occupy the empty house next to his he prays she will keep to herself. Within no time at all however True becomes more to him than any other person has ever been in his life – and before long they are wearing a path between both houses.

Hayward and True are carting around even baggage to make this union, while not unhappy – but not as comfortable as they bother would want it to be. It however will take a catalyst to make them realize what they have, and contemplate if the baggage they insist on holding onto his worth losing each other over.

A brilliant book by Ms. Rochelle, True and Hayward are worth knowing and loving. There is also enough support characters there for readers to hope and wish a follow up book is in the making.

LOVING TRUE was worth reading through the night.



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