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Look What i Found – Anne’s Addictions

In my quest to get people into reading. I have been doing my own thing in my life to encourage young people and adults to take up a book and enjoy the world that is there for them to find.

I have decided to extend this to my blog and trawl the net to find, little bits of something special that makes reading a pleasure.

I found my next guest products, when looking for a cover for my e-reader, as i wanted something different –something with a bit of personality. I took the bull by the horn so to speak and asked her if she would be keen to tell my readers about her products and why she came up with the idea.

Anne is an author of ebook publications, so she has first hand knowledge of the industry – and is no stranger to the every changing machinery that we call technology.


Join me welcoming Anne to Erotic Horizon.



-1- Do you own an E-reader and if yes which one - have you named it yet.


I own a couple of different devices for reading eBooks. To start with, like many, I used my computer, graduated to the laptop (when I started writing), and then got with the program a little more by using my existing Palm Pilot. I upgraded models on the Palm for the larger screen for easier book reading (plus I can use it when travelling for writing), but in 2008 I finally succumbed to the lure of e-ink and upgraded to a Sony Reader for strictly reading with. I also have another new gadget - an iPhone - and while it's lovely as well, and I can see why many might think it will win the race for options for reading eBooks, the e-ink is much easier on the eyes.


-2- Were you dragged kicking and screaming into the E-book era or like me did you welcome it with open arms.

My love affair with eBooks started about 5 years or so I guess (does that make me an early adopter? :) ), and came about from buying some erotica/erotic romance books off of Amazon and finding the links at the back of the books about the publishers websites. You can say I slid very quickly down the slippery slope into eBook reading from that point onwards. Then late 2005 early 2006 I wrote my first erotic romance, subbed it , and the rest, as they say is history. I've now had 10 stories (both short and mid length) published strictly as eBooks.


-3- Tell us about this product

Anne's Addictions covers are currently designed only for the Sony Reader, and are a simple, padded, slip-on cover that fits over the grey outer cover that comes standard with the Sony PRS505 Reader (Although, I have it with good authority they fit the 700 just perfectly, as well). In the majority, the covers are made from cotton fabrics, so are wash and wear - but you might have to use that dreaded, four-letter-word instrument of torture known as the iron to get it all crisp and flat again :)

So there is a bit of form, as well as function - they individualize your reader, and the padding gives a little extra layer of comfort and protection.


-4- How did you come up with the idea

Anne's Addictions came about from a discussion on Dear Author not long after I received my Sony Reader. I wondered if people would 'dress them up' with covers, and from the discussion ran off and made a prototype, and Voila! Anne's Addictions was born. I'd just recently wound up my sewing business (designing/sewing children's boutique clothing), so I was looking for a way of reducing my epic stash of fabrics without making my husband a very unhappy man, and this worked out perfectly. I'm getting to use up my stash, it's not as horribly time consuming as making frou-frou girls dresses, and I've a ready-made market that I already had a name (albeit small) in as an eBook Author.


 -5- Which E-readers are you currently targeting and what sort of customization are you offering

Currently the Sony Reader (PRS505 and 700) with its stock grey cover, is my target market. (I also can make covers for the lightwedge cover that came out for the PRS505, but I do them on a case by case basis.)

I'm willing to work with customers to a certain degree - maybe a fabric that they really want, or maybe a certain colour way or fabric style. And I have taken the basic cover one step further via fabric embellishment already. I hope to take that idea a little further in the future with one off covers with hand-sewn, 3-d detailing in the future. I've also been tossing around some pouches versus covers, but I've still got a piece of the puzzle missing on that front. I'm hoping to figure it out soon.

Unfortunately, I don't have an embroidery machine, so personalizing with initials/names etc is not at this time possible at this time (Fabric embellishment of initials is, however).


-6- Where can we get these wonderful covers and what is your delivery time like.

You can get Anne's Addictions cover on .

Delivery time is usually pretty quick - especially if the cover is already made (I usually make one 'sample' to photograph, then make each one as an order is placed). You should get your cover from as little as 3-5 days later up to about 15days. (Factoring in construction/shipping times out of the USA)


-7- Where do you see the e-Book industry going - pro's  and con's of the craze so far.

The ePublishing industry in general is only growing in leaps and bounds. There have been, of course, teething stages - especially now that NY is getting into the scene - but I feel I can safely stay that eBooks are here, and they are here to stay. They are a good compliment to regular bound books, and simply perfect for those on the go, travellers, and people like me who just don't have enough shelf space :)

The lack of a cohesive standard format for the industry does seem to be an issue, though. Amazon's Kindle has so much going for it, but is locked in totally to Amazon; Sony was chic right out of the gate, but lacks connectivity and Mac support, the iPhone/touch is pretty and portable too, but has it's own issues with filetypes etc.

One thing is for sure, those far fetched ideas in Science Fiction from the early 20th century, and shows like Star Trek are becoming more and more possible every day.


 -8- On a more commercial level - how has your product been received - so far - Positive and Negative.

Reports so far have been wonderful, and I'm doing my best to fill some of the suggestions for the covers (ie cutesy/traditional checks and plaids etc). I've been very pleased with how well they have been received.


Some of my feedback:

"I LOVE my ebook reader cover!!!! It fits perfectly and it looks so cute. The material is really sturdy too so it looks like it will stand up to washing. Thanks! (Oh, this was shipped really quickly, thank you! ^__^)"

"Fantastic product and fantastic seller. Very quick to respond to questions and the product itself is very well made and fit my reader like a glove!"

"I love it, I love it. Really fast delivery to the UK through the snow and ice, and it has turned my e-reader from something impersonal and mechanical into a nice, tactile object - thank you so much, and thank you for the pen too! Highly recommended."

-9- The important info now - give us some contact detail -

            Full name of the product: Anne's Addictions eReader covers

            Contact details - email:

You can also find Anne at (warning, contains HOT romance!)


-10- Any promotional event you want to let the readers know about.

In conjunction with, Anne's Addictions will be including a free cover for the winner of the Sony Readers Dear Author will be giving away over 2009.


Follow up:

Since i did this interview, Anne can also now be found on Twitter at . You are also more than welcome to toss all your questions, comment and suggestions out and Anne will most definately get back to you.



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