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Letting Go of the Reins Bk 1 – Slade and Kally – A.E. Rought



The Blurb

Running from pain—falling into love.

Letting Go of the Reins, Book 1

Weeks before Thanksgiving, Kally Jensen leaves her life in Michigan and her abusive fiancé behind. With her sister’s money, a teddy bear and bruises she cannot hide, she tries to disappear. She almost does—permanently—when icy roads force her car into a ditch, leaving her stranded and injured on a cattle ranch in Hulett, Wyoming.

Fate answers ex-police officer Slade Carlson’s unspoken need for change by delivering a hypothermic girl into his arms. Kally is like no call he’s worked before; her abuse-related injuries and unconscious cries for mercy pierce his lonely heart. Nursing Kally back to health and helping her see life beyond the pain gives Slade the purpose he’s been looking for.

Holding back his feelings until she can work through her own emotional pain will be the hardest thing he’s ever done. Yet new love blossoms like a Christmas Lily in the Wyoming winter.

Still, Slade’s love may not be enough to protect Kally when the shadows rise from her past…



The Review

Running away never helps a situation, but when Kally had her latest fight with her boyfriend she knew she had to go– she had to disappear. With only the blessing of her sister, a raggedy teddy and a whole lot of bruise, she gets in her car and high tails it. When an icy road and a lonely stretch of pasture, lands her in a precarious situation, she can only pray that the arms that are holding her will never let go.

Officer Slade Carlson is home and helping in the family run ranch business. As fate would have it, he checks out a disturbance on one end of the property and finds more than the cattle in the pasture. With the weather being so bad he has to move fast to get Kally to safety, but just the mere fact that he is there at the precise moment when Kally needs him is a sign that she is the one.

Kally and Slade are instantly alert to the attraction between then, but with Kally’s near past not exactly behind her and Slade’s insecurity still with him, can they wade through the emotions and misunderstandings to find each other before it’s too late?

If you have never read a book by A.E. Rought, you have no idea what you are missing. Slade and Kally is that book that stays with you long after you have read it.

Slade is missing his career; he misses the thrill of the chase, the hunt and excitement of doing the right thing. Feeling like he’s not fitting in, he gets on with the family ranching business. When Kally more less falls into his arms – albeit that he had to pick her up – he knows, that all the excitement he needs - is in his arms.

Kally is trying to make a new start, and find herself. With new possibilities on Slade’s family ranch she has the chance to be herself and let her natural shine rise to the surface. Things are not plain sailing as the past has a way of creeping up when you least expect it and Slade and Kally have to battle through to hold on to their union - as fragile as it is.

Slade and Kally is a wonderful book, with a couple who wants that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but has to face up to the challenges placed in front of them and confront their fears. A.E. Rought writing style is easy on the eyes and there are moments of humour that are just so real, you’ll feel as if you were there.

Slade and Kally is a not to be missed read.



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