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Hearts Afire: January - Bonnie Dee and T.A. Chase




 The Blurb.

Fireman. Firestarter. When the two come together, their world ignites!


Pete Santori is a New York City fireman who is committed to his job and doesn’t take any time for personal relationships. That all changes one night when he saves a man from a fire that the victim appears to have started. As the man in his arms makes a confession, a strange connection passes between them.


Alan Delaine is a firestarter, not an arsonist. He manifests powerful energy when he experiences strong emotion and things in his vicinity ignite. He’s been held captive in an unidentified facility, where he was tested physically and psychologically. When he meets Pete, he’s been living on the run after escaping the lab.

As the two men come together, each has qualities the other needs. Physical attraction grows into something deeper. When the pair is kidnapped, can they make it out alive and build a future in which Alan can live a normal life?


IGNITE by Bonnie Dee


Finding out that the man whom you have just saved from been burnt to a crisp may have started the fire in the first place is not what New York City fireman Pete Santori wanted to know. However something about the vulnerability of the man lures Pete into checking up on him in the hospital and he ends up giving him more than bed side assistance.


Firestarter, and not arsonist, Alan Delaine, has just gotten his first taste of freedom, but it all seems to be going wrong. Unable to see his way out of the situation he finds himself in after a house fire – he looks across the hospital room and

sees the man who saved him and it seems as if he’s here to save him – again.


Pete and Alan find out that they compliment each other on so many levels, however with Alan’s past lurking in the background and Pete worried about what tomorrow might bring – they are like deer caught in the headlights.


Bonnie Dee has started this wonderful Firefighter series with IGNITE. This is an exciting tale of men who are a cut above the ordinary. Pete is everything that Alan wish for himself, kind hearted, competent, quick on his feet and more importantly has the freedom of choice – which he has not had in a long time.


Alan on the other hand has not known any other life than looking over his shoulder – he’s tired and it seems as if he’s finally found someone who understands what he’s going through. With an uncertain future can they plan for a life with all that’s lurking in his past?


Alan and Pete are not only compatible but are willing to take a chance on the unknown, in a perfect world it would be the ideal thing, however there will have a hard time battling the forces that want to keep them apart.


A must read, you certainly won’t regret IGNITE.


The Blurb

Scars aren't always on the outside. Architect Eric Sandel is living proof. He moves to Morley after surviving a terrible fire in order to rebuild his life and hopes designing the new Opera House will help him bury the past.

Firefighter David Browdie hasn't had time for serious relationships; his “on call” status tends to leave relationships in the dust. When he meets Eric at the neighbourhood dog park, sparks fly and he thinks maybe this time, serious will win after all.

But a demon from Eric's past haunts him. David and Eric must work together to find a way to stop the madman before they all go up in flames.




Walking his dog is just one of the daily chores firefighter David Browdie has to do, and today is no different. However this just might be the day that he and his dog got lucky – his dog finds a new playmate and he meets a man who has all the attraction sparks flying – he is not sure if this is the real thing, but what better time than the present to find out.


When Eric Sandel gets the contract to build a new Opera House in Morley, he thinks it’s also a good chance to also start rebuilding his life. After a fire that leaves him with not only scars but also issues which involve him doubting himself and uncomfortable in certain setting, he is weary of meeting people and shies away from any offer of friendship.


When he meets David, he decides to take a chance on building a relationship, but there is a danger in the air that has its eyes on his family of four. Will they get the chance to start their live together or will it all be taken away from them before they have even tried?


T.A. Chase’s style is quite clear in WHERE THE DEVIL DANCES, with his panache for men with enough drama following them paired with men who wants to protect them from the big bad world. We are treated to not only an exciting adventure but a story that delves into the darker side of human nature.


I like this book and if HEARTS AFIRE is an example of what will be coming through the year – sign me up.




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