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Family Harmony (The Montgomery Family, Book 2) – JJ Massa


The Blurb

Lakon Montgomery tried to avoid Mya Brooks, the beautiful Englishwoman who had the voice of an angel, but he can't resist her. She was destined to be his mate and he is powerless to stop himself.


Just when he's getting closer to Mya, his brother and his own primal instincts scare her away. What will Lakon have to do to get her back? Will her family, and his, keep them apart forever? With Mya out of reach, how will Lakon protect Mya from the evil that stalks her?



The Review

When Lakon Montgomery hears the voice of Mya Brooks, he knows he has to have her right where he can see her.

Lakon Montgomery, singer, composer and brother to Riker Montgomery is also the beta of the Montgomery pack, he has always had his pick of any woman he has ever wanted be it were or human. He is however fascinated with one of his backstage crew, her scent draws him in like nothing he has ever smelt before – being the primal creature that he is – his natural instinct rises to the surface with consequences that he could ever imagine would happen.

Mya Brooks, sister to Miles Brooks and road crew to Lakon Montgomery keeps to the background and stays well clear of the limelight that follows in the wake of the man himself. When Lakon starts to take an interest in her – she is not disinterest but she errs on the side of caution as she has her own share of emotional and physical turmoil to last her a lifetime.

Lakon and Mya find the attraction between them better than they would ever imagine, however Lakon being Lakon and a Were, lets his instinct gets the better of him when his brother shows up and things goes to hell in hand basket and Mya does what she has to do to protect herself – Lakon however is not willing to accept it and set about to get his mate back.

The second book in this brilliantly fantastic series and it was everything and more than I expected.

Lakon the arrogant beta male that he his, is floored when he hears the wonderful voice of Mya West, but more than her voice draws him in and he soon realize that she is his mate, but all is not coming up roses as Lakon is a were and when his natural instinct is to protect his own kicks in – all bets are off even when his brother comes sniffing.

Mya is a force to be reckoned with, living through and surviving her childhood has prepared her to deal with the worst, however when Lakon shows an interest in her she timidly enters into his world and soon cannot imagine anything else being better than being with Lakon. When the hurt and pain comes she does what she has always done to survive – get the one shoulder she knows she can rely on to unload her burden ad then she goes into hiding.

With the assistance and interference of Mik and Elke, Lakon and Riker’s parents, Lakon soon find himself on the trail of his mate – but will she accept him after all that he had put her through.

In this second book – old enemies comes back to haunt the Montgomery clan and huge looses are felt by the family. Emotion and some home truths are dealt with, while brotherly love and the importance of family is never more truer than in this second book.

Ms. Massa remain true to her characters, full of life, hero and heroine are forces to be reckoned with and the story lines just keep getting better and better.

A page turner if ever there was one – not a slow moment and come prepared with tissues – loads of tears will be shed. Family Harmony is GREAT.


P.S. Must be read as apart of the series – This is not a stand alone book.

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