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Decadent Deceptions – Keta Diablo




The Blurb


Daring and desperate to win Morgan’s love, Olivia Breedlove embarks on a reckless folly. But everything backfires when Morgan remains one step ahead of her and the game ventures down a path of duplicity and murder.

A decade ago, Morgan was a heartbeat away from taking Olivia’s virginity. Her father, Thaddeus, intervened and threatened to meet him over pistols if he so much as looked at his daughter again. But now, Thaddeus is dead and Morgan has no intention of ignoring the ravenous hunger he’s harboured for the blasted woman for ten years.
One way or the other, he will quench this burning desire and make her his forever.




The Review

After the death of her father, Olivia Breedlove and her brother Cain finds out the terms of his will – and Olivia is not happy. When the true nature of what she must adhered to in order to gain her inheritance sinks in, the gleam of mischief shines bright in her eyes.

Everyone around knows Olivia is a feisty soul and when she sets her mind to something, there’s little point in trying to talk her out of it. With only a limited time to honour her father’s request, she goes after the one man her father has forbidden her to ever see again.

After a few years away from home and the woman he gave his heart to, Morgan Gatewood is back. A libertine, a rogue of the first order when it comes to women, Morgan is no saint when it comes to desires of the flesh; despite all that however, when he gave his words years earlier to Olivia’s father that he would not see her again – he meant it. Now, that he was dead – nothing will stop him from claiming Olivia for his own.

Olivia in her quest to be her own woman and get the only man she wants, sets in motion a chain of events that might have Morgan and her losing everything they have ever hold dear.

It has been more than a year since I have read an historical romance, so when I got the chance to do a review of Decadent Deception, I jumped at the chance and I certainly have not regretted it.

Set in a time when a ladies reputation was valued about all else and a man’s word was his bond, we meet Olivia. Trying her best to defy the plans her father has drawn up for her, she does what she normally does best, sets about on a harebrained scheme in her own stubborn, which eventually affects not only her immediately family, but puts her in a position to experience the passion and pleasure which she is adamant is her due, before she mates.

Morgan has taken just about all he can when he gets winds of Olivia latest plot. In a position to not only protect her, but gets his own back at her – he sets her plan in motion with devastating result. Morgan has kept not only his love a secret from Olivia but his business acquirements, and it may just be the thing to save her or it might just be the thing to break them forever.

The introduction of a murder mystery was a stroke of genius by Ms. Diablo, not only did she hold the who done it until the end, but the tension - was real, the fear – chilling and the steps Olivia and Morgan takes to protect themselves will have you literally biting your nails in anticipation of the outcome.

I admit this book started off a bit slow for me, however by about page thirty – I was hooks and the pages just kept flying. Once the paced picked up, Decadent Deception took on a totally new dimension. Love, friendship, and loyalty are tested, secrets are revealed and Ms. Diablo manages to give respectability to an area of society that is frowned upon and a humanity to situation and scenarios’ that could easily have been trivialized.

I enjoyed Decadent Deception and it’s is a read I most definitely recommend. Well done Ms. Diablo.



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