Sunday, 1 February 2009

Danger in Her Arms: Phyllis Campbell


Taylor Marshall’s one aim is to live a quiet life with her daughter away from her omega rich father. When a threat to her father is projected more at her than him, she gives into her father’s high-handed choice of a bodyguard. Not only is she taken aback by who the bodyguard is, she is also in the most uncomfortable of positions when the hired hand saves her daughter with expert ease. She, however, doesn’t know how to thank him, as how do you thank a man you have always thought was dead.


Cory Ross accepts a job as a bodyguard as a favour to a friend. When he accepted the job, little did he realize that his past, his present and his future would collide all in one afternoon in the middle of a park. Cory is caught in the middle of a nightmare, not only has he found the one woman who means everything and nothing to him, but he can’t manoeuvre his way out of the job, as it is a favour to someone he owes his life to.

With the threats getting worse everyday, Taylor and Cory also find little pockets of happiness. But can they iron out their differences in time and work together to stop them from losing more than just their new found love?

Phyllis Campbell has dropped us into the world of the omega rich lifestyle, with it’s paranoia of threat in every mail delivery and the fact that not having a bodyguard is more a rarity than having one.

Cory and Taylor are evenly matched. Cory, with grim determination to survive life, has battled back from a life threatening injury, changed his career, and started a business. In all that, however, he has never forgotten Taylor. She was the Delilah of his life, the woman who has given him the worst nightmare but who has also given him the best month of his life.

Taylor has had to harden her shell, not only to deal with her father and his need for constant security, but also to try and carve out a life for herself and her daughter. She has just the life she wants with the exception of the man she thought of as a killer; the man she adores.

DANGER IN HER ARMS is a thrilling read, with the most unexpected twists and turns. For first time readers and fans, this is a story not to be missed.

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