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Review - Dancing In The Dark : Jenna Byrnes




The Blurb

Detective Nick D'Amato has always been content with his lack-of-commitment love life. For a gay cop in the don't ask-don't tell N.Y.P.D., free and easy always seemed the least complicated route.

William, the new man in his life, has Nick rethinking his priorities. Will's perspective on life and love is different than anything Nick has ever encountered, making him that much more desirable.

The two men are compatible in every way except one, and it's a huge divider. Both are stubborn, neither willing to compromise, until a serial slasher enters their lives. A growing stack of dead bodies has the police running in circles, sending Nick and Will into a nightmare that could change their lives forever.




The Review

On one of their regular drink nights Detective Nick D’Amato sits at the bar with his two best buddies in the world, and evades the question of his love life. At a phase in their life where they are more concerned with age creeping up on them than anything else, they enjoy a running tease of who’s doing what to whom when they meet. Little did his friends realize that Nick is in a hot affair with someone they wouldn’t give the time of day to. In a job with it’s don’t ask don’t tell attitude, its little wonder he hides his secrets so well even from his friends.

William, or Squeak as he’s known in his other job, lives life to the fullest – makes the best of what he’s got and makes no bone about letting Nick know he’s enjoying himself. Nick wants William but is William willing to change his life for the man?

When danger comes closer than they both realize, do they both have what it takes to make the change before they lose it all?

DANCING IN THE DARK is Jenna Byrnes first of a three book series revolving around men in the force. Nick, a cop with years of service and feeling every minute of it, is walking a find line between the job and the streets. He knows what he wants and started a relationship on a don’t ask don’t tell basis; but soon realizes that he wants more.

William is happy and has clear ideas of what life has to offer him at this phase of life. When a dream is laid in his lap he has to make a decision that will affect the rest of his life.

I am quickly becoming a fan of Ms Byrnes work and I, for one, am very much looking forward to reading the next two books in this series.



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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great review! Book 2 in the series, Born to Run, comes out Feb. 16 from Phaze.

It has a little BDSM, just to warn you. Not hardcore, but a little.


Thanks again,


Erotic Horizon on 12 February 2009 at 06:26 said...

Thanks for stopping by.

I really enjoyed Nick and Squeak and am so looking forward to Born To Run.

Yeah can't wait for the 16th