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The Boys Back Home - Sierra Dafoe





 The Blurb


She could never choose between them...until they both chose her.

Even as a young girl, Cassie Jordan knew the rules: one man, one woman. Especially in rural Idaho. But how can she choose between blond, kind-hearted Kyle Watson and dark, sensuous Alan Caine?

She can't. Not even when she discovers the two handsome cowboys in bed together and is convinced that neither of them cares for her at all. That discovery sends her running all the way to Chicago and into the arms of another man. Now, with her wedding fast approaching, it's time to return to Preacher's Bend to sort out her tangled emotions.

Now that Cassie's back in town, Kyle and Alan are determined to do whatever it takes to keep her there. As far as they're concerned, there's only one place on earth Cassie belongs -- in their arms.





The Review


  Cassie Jordan is back in town and she is dragging her foot about it. After running away from the little town of Preacher’s Bend in rural Idaho three years earlier, she thought she was doing the right thing and tried to make a life for herself.

Not even a new life, a new man nor her upcoming wedding can purge the thought of the two guys she grew up with and has loved for more years than she can rightly remember. Now she is back and although nothing has change, nothing has remain the same either, and it’s time to sort out the baggage she’s been hauling around for a hell of a long time.

Kyle Watson and Alan Caine has been waiting on the day Cassie comes home – in their heart. In reality, they have gotten on with their lives, with a lot of regret and with a little less spark in their eyes. They have both always wanted and loved Cassie – but when a single shared moment causes her run – they blame themselves and have just been surviving ever since.


All three have to lay their cards on the table and do some plain talking to resolve all their issues. There’s only one problem with that concept – none of the three has ever been big on bearing their soul.


To say the The Boys Back Home was a surprise in a little package would be dumb of me – but it was. We are immediately thrown into the turmoil  that is Cassie’s  life – with regret and wishful thinking she tries to justify the events of her past but without any headway. When one of the objects of her desire is literally one of the first person she meets when she gets off the bus – all her thoughts goes through the window and it all goes downhill from there.


Kyle is the sweet, kind hearted and gentle force that Cassie has always known him to be, in his action and even in his care of what Cassie had left behind is testament of the type of person he is. Alan on the other hand is the moody lone wolf who wants what he wants when he wants it but is also willing to step back for the sake of a friend, the girl and love.

The three has to find middle ground in order to convey all the thinks they have never said to each other, the things they want to say to each other and the things they need to say before all is lost, this time – for good.


Sierra Dafoe is a new to a new to me author, but she pack a punch on my first outing with her. Ménages are my absolute favourite read and i like what Ms. Dafoe has done in these few short pages. There was enough back info for you to not only get involved but also the tension building between these three is a thing of beauty to watch. Sorrow and lose, regret a plenty are all dealt with here, but hope just around the corner and that elusive everlasting happiness is the one thing that hold these three characters together.


An enjoyable that was worth getting up early for.




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TheChicGeek on 20 February 2009 at 21:19 said...

Hi E.H. How do you read so many books so quickly? It's very impressive! You are truly amazing :)
Great review!
Have a Happy Weekend!

Erotic Horizon on 20 February 2009 at 22:34 said...

Hey ChicGeek,

I probably consider myself a speed reader now, or books are just getting a bit more predictable.

My target is usually about 40 books a month - i read for pleasure and naturally like to share my thoughts on the books i read - so some books make it onto the blog, some don't.

I have committed myself to making 2009 The Year of the Reader for me - so if i can get one person taking an interest in reading - my job is done.

As always thanks for stopping by.