Sunday, 1 February 2009

Black Aura: Jaycee Clark


 After a near tragedy involving her best friend, Lake retreats to the small town of Tao, to not only regroup but to find herself. However life has a way of throwing things at you when you least expect it.  It has certainly tossed Lake a curve ball – firstly she develops an attraction for the local gallery owner.  Her aura is just about to come into its own when she meets a young girl, who just might be one of the most gifted people she’s met in along time – and danger follows her.


Max is not only weary but as protective of his daughter as much as the next parent – in his case more so. When the new woman in his life, not only clicks with Alyssa, his daughter, but has the guile to show him a side of his daughter that he has not seen in a long time – he does not take it well. He quickly figured out he has to find middle ground as both these women may just be his salvation.

Alyssa, the nineteen going on forty year old daughter that Max loves more than anything else, is at a crossroads in her life. She’s trying to sort out what to do with her life on the college front, she flirt around the little town of Tao. Alyssa has a gift and with the freedom she now has with her dad to explore a side of her she has never been able to – she goes where her aura leads her. Sometime aura’s are misleading and it’s just Alyssa’s misfortune to be able to feel it all.

Jaycee Clark is back and what a rush. BLACK AURA is the follow up to ANGEL EYES and it was so worth the wait.


Lake is at a difficult phase in her life; loss of faith, second guessing her every thought and actually shying away from asking for something she knows she wants – which is so unlike her. Meeting the Johnson's has not only opened her soul to all the things she has wished for but given her a purpose.

Max is just managing, with not only a gifted daughter but a business, where anything and anyone is liable to come through his doors. He finds the emotion that Lake brings out in him, too new, too different, and too forgotten to trust in the purity that is Lake.


Danger walks everywhere and when no one knows or thinks it could happen – it strikes, and Max is left having to rely on what he can’t see, along with a woman who is just realizing the strength she has.

BLACK AURA is a brilliant follow up to ANGEL EYES, not only has Ms. Clark carried on with her tension filled, nail biting suspenseful settings but with her knack for giving us characters who will live on in our memories for a long time to come –  reader will no doubt be adding this one their library.



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