Friday, 27 February 2009

Ain’t it Sweet.



Today is a rather special day for me, and my family were at a lose finding something special to treat me with. My passion other than my beloved books are Handbags  and Shoes. My family did the next best thing other than buying me more shoes or handbags.



I got this in the post this morning all five – They are CHOCOLATE SHOES – aren’t they divine. Now i don’t know if i should just look at them or eat them – and where do i begin – heels or toes.



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Becky W. on 27 February 2009 at 15:31 said...

These are the cutest things I've ever seen! Let me know if they are wonderful, and I'd love to know where they found them!!


Stephanie J. Blake on 27 February 2009 at 15:37 said...


Anonymous said...

Too cute!!! Almost too fun to eat. But they're chocolate, so notice I said almost...

Have a great day!!!


Shawn Lane on 27 February 2009 at 23:23 said...

Those are so adorable!!!

danie88 on 28 February 2009 at 00:43 said...

ok so those are amazing! They look too good to eat! I love the pink pok a dot one the best!

I absolutely LOVE handbags and shoes as well... though I have the hardest time buying shoes cuz I have such big feet :P

Erotic Horizon on 28 February 2009 at 03:33 said...

Hey guys,

Thanks for stopping by and seeing my wonderful treats.

Becky - the shoes are from this company - and according to my Mom they have a pretty decent delivery time and accommodating to customising.


I have to say - I look at my family in a new light - as I live across the pond and getting these here in perfect condition was some feat.

Colorado Writer - I could not have said it better myself.

Jamie - I couldn't resist- i actually ate the entire cream colour shoe - it's actually white chocolate- with brown chocolate montage around the cap and top - it was gorgeous.


They really are aorable - i have chuck out lettuce, milk, and a few other things out of the fridge to get them in - i doubt i'll be eating the rest any time soon.

Dani -

I know what you mean - Looks too good to eat - but eat it i did.

My fav is actually the one that looks two tone in colour - i am assuming it a mix if white and dark chocolate to give it that swirly look - under the fridge light - it looks silver on the outside and most definately chocolate on the inside.

I did enjoy my day - loads of quiet time with my shoes.