Friday, 13 February 2009

Addicted Author - Cassie Stevens

The Blurb

For ten long years, Gunnery Sergeant Vic Williams had been planning for this moment—the day he crossed paths again with the man who broke his heart. He had rehearsed his look of indifference, his cutting remarks, even while he imagined Damien Walker on his knees and begging his forgiveness...among other things. What Vic hadn't counted on, however, is the love that slams into him the instant he sees Damien standing before him.

Captain Damien Walker is stunned to discover the man who'd broken his heart is now the lesser-ranking Marine under his command. He craves the chance to make Vic suffer for walking out on him all those years ago, but no more so than he craves that special something only Vic can give...and the love they once shared.

Forced to reconcile their differences for the sake of their military careers, Vic and Damien are rapidly pulled under by an addiction to each other neither can control...or live without a second longer.



The Review


Gunnery Sergeant Vic Williams has watched and planned for the day Damien Walker not only makes eyes contact with him after ten years, but also for the day when he has him on his knees begging for forgiveness and a whole lot more. Things don’t always go according to plan as Vic soon realizes. As soon as he makes eye contact with Damien, the emotions he had though dead slam into him, with more force than ever.

When Captain Damien Walker arrives at his new post and comes face to face with the last person he expects to see after ten years, to say he was surprised would an understatement. However he also has a plan, he wants Vic to suffer for the lonely years he had gone through, for the floundering feeling that he was left with when Vic left years ago. Damien wants Vic to suffer as he had, but no more so than he craves that one thing that only Vic can provide.

When they are forced to find a middle ground in order to get through their day, the addiction that they have always had for each has not lessen, but gotten so explosive that only with each other do they have any level of control over it .

Cassie Steven, a long time favourite of mine, has penned a great read with ADDICTED. Vic and Damien are two men who have been hurt, but have never confronted each other with the nature of their grief in order to set it right.

It has now festered, leaving them on the path of wanting only satisfaction for the wrong each feels the other has done to them. Their addiction to what only the other can give is evident from the moment Damien steps into Vic's space. As their pleasure is linked to their love for each other, they can only make the other understand and know that they are the other half of each other.

The introduction of light BDSM scenes, not only enhance the tension between the protagonists, but makes for some very erotic love scenes. ADDICTED is a fantastic addition to Amber Allure’s BDSM collection.


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