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Acting Like Family (The Montgomery Family, Book 1) – JJ Massa



The Blurb


Riker Montgomery, a famous actor and werewolf, finds yet another uninvited woman asleep in his hotel bed. Used to encountering many of these fans, Riker is prepared to send this one on her way, but soon realizes that she is his mate. Finally finding the one woman who can make his life complete, Riker falls asleep with her in his arms, only to wake the next day to find her gone. Desperate to find Bet, Riker begins an endless search, which continually comes up futile.

Bethany Black, a writer, has never met a man like Riker before. When she learns that he is a famous actor who is always finding women in his bed, she is embarrassed and ashamed and runs away. Before long she realizes her mistake and tries to contact Riker. When she finds out she's pregnant, she tries again to reach him.

Her letters are intercepted by Riker's lawyer and jealous cousin, August Livingston. Auggie believes that only pureblood werewolves should be Alphas and will do whatever it takes to bring Riker down and assume what he believes to be his rightful position as pack leader. When he learns that Bethany Black, a human, has given birth to Riker's pups, he's determined to use her to obtain his goals. The fates of the pack and the lives of their pups lie in the hands of Riker and Bethany. But will they be reunited before it is too late for them all?



The Review

Riker Montgomery is weary and tired, not just of the job and appearances he has to make in his career as an actor – but he is plain tired of what woman he will find next in his bed. When he returns to his hotel room one night and finds a woman not only in his room but in his bed, he has little doubt about who she is to him – certainly not just the usual – with just a whiff of her delectable smell he knows that she is the one.

Bethany Black is caught up in the magic of the most erotic sensation until she realized that it is real. Wanting only to get a good night sleep before going onto her next appointment – the last thing she expects was to find Riker Montgomery rocking her world through the night.

When morning breaks and the reality of what happened the night before, along with the morning headline sinks in for Beth, she knew she had to leave – however the piper has to be paid and with Riker searching and with a tangible repercussion of her night with her hero, will she ever get the chance to meet him halfway with all the interference in their way.

JJ Massa has created a whole new world on Montgomery Mountain. The books revolve around the Montgomery pack and the love, lose and challenges that they face. We are introduced to a whole host of characters who will play huge part in making the books the wonderful read that they are and all the main players will eventually get their own book.

Riker the movies star of the family has little patience with what women and the people around him will do to get a woman into his room and bed. When he meets his mate in this way, he thought how cool, the mountain has come to Mohammed, but he looses her just as easily as he found her and he does not take it well.

Beth, author and now mother is desperately in need of her mate, but with every attempt to contact him resulting in failure, she carries on and does the best she can for her pups. When danger follows her family she makes the choices presented to her and soon finds herself in a situation that only her mate can resolve.

Danger lurks in the open and Beth and her pup are in serous danger, when Riker becomes aware of this – his whole family takes on the battle with some tension filled and nail biting moments.

Ms. Massa has started a new series that we can sink our teeth into. It has everything, love, lose, humour, family tension, sibling rivalry and a story line that just gets better and better with the twist and turns that this books take. Her main protagonists are worth knowing – Riker is dominant, and although at first seems to fold when he can’t find his love, he mans up and show what he is made of when the chips are down. Beth is certainly a kick ass chick, even in the face of danger she is at her fiercest. It’s wonderful to read a book with a heroine who doesn’t wilt at the first sign off danger.

Acting Like a Family is a highly recommend first book and I am eagerly awaiting the next in the series.


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