Friday, 9 January 2009

Working Jerusalem: B.A. Tortuga


Jerusalem – A new and happening coffee shop, where the employees know the customers by the drinks and snacks they order; it is also an extension of the office for Lawyer/Paralegal JD. Swamped with work, he usually takes no notice of what and who is around him, but when the owner of the coffee shop offers him a refill and more, he takes a chance and accepts.

Todd McPhie, owner and operator of Jerusalem, is easygoing and has a great relationship with his staff. When he meets JD during a late shift, he instantly makes his move and makes every effort to keep the connection open between them.

When secrets from Todd’s past and issues from JD’s present threaten their happiness, JD makes the ultimate sacrifice – but will Todd accepts this or can he break down the barriers that JD has managed to erect?

B.A. Tortuga has again worked his magic with WORKING JERUSALEM; this is a wonderful tale of men finding that one special person, and doing everything to beat the odds against them being together.

The characters of Todd and JD are perfect for each other; they are so much aware of each other and want to do everything to make the other happy. The plot is an enjoyable and exciting one, dealing with lots of under the surface issues that exist in the workplace.

Fans of B.A. Tortuga will love this book. 

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