Saturday, 24 January 2009

Witchy Woes Book 1: Tamara: Michelle Hasker

When Tamara is diagnosed with a life threatening disease, she straightens her spine and gets on with the business at hand, but wonders what else could go wrong. Two things happen to truly test her resolve. One, a spell goes awfully wrong, which lands her in the hospital and two – on waking she finds herself looking into the eyes of the most gorgeous firefighter she has ever seen – Dante.


Both Dante and Tamara are aware of the attraction between them; however with Tamara being ill, she refuses to get close to someone only to have them hurt. Dante on the other and will settle for nothing less than all Tamara has to give.


Michelle Hasker starts off her WITCHY WOES series with a rush of excitement. With an introduction to the coven and the myriad of problems with their magic – we are treated to a coven of women who we will eventually get their own stories. With matter taken out of Tamara’s hands we get her story first.



Dante and Tamara are destined to be together, with Dante’s determination and Tamara resistance to accepting what Dante know is fate, there are some fun moment and readers will get much pleasure out of this great read.




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