Saturday, 17 January 2009

Unstoppable Force: Lisa Marie Davis


Ethan Trent is at the pinnacle of his career and his life - if truth be told. Having met the right person at a difficult phase of his life – he has made something of himself and enjoying every moment of it. Nowhere more so than in his personal life, does he take pride in knowing that he can make a choice of who to spend time with.

 Having gone through the usual route to organize a young man for the night – he’s surprised by the reaction he has for one photo in particular and sets the wheels in motion to find out if the person behind the face on the photo is all that he seems to be.



Cale Brooks is doing a job, not for the love of it, but because necessity demands he stay constantly on the go, and doing what he’s always been told he was born for - is the quickest way for him to make money. When he gets a job to spend two weeks with a client, little does he know that this will be the two weeks that will change his life forever.



I have read everything that Lisa Marie Davis has produced this year like a rabid fangirl and I have yet to be disappointed. Ethan and Cale are two protagonists who have known struggle and hardship – but as in life, it’s the people you meet that make the difference.



Ethan has been lucky to meet someone along his life path and with lots of hard work, he has made it to the top, Cale on the other hand is still at the phase where he cannot have hope because he’s never had anything to hope for. With Ethan’s constant attention and determination, Cale has to make a choice, stick with the old ways or grab onto what is being offered and have the adventure of his life.


Ms. Davis knows how to deliver a story with a plot that has so much possibility I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Ethan and Cale in the future. UNSTOPPABLE FORCE is a wonderful read.




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Anonymous said...

I haven't read anything by this author, but I'll be sure to look her up.

Erotic Horizon on 20 January 2009 at 12:36 said...

Yeah, hope you do - she has a style , that's easy to follow.