Saturday, 3 January 2009

Tycoon Club Book 1: Dangerous Bet: Troy’s Revenge

When Headley Rose returned home in order to help her father, the last thing she expected was to not only be in debt to Troy Christian, but also to have him throw an ultimatum out in regard to the repayment of the loan - “if you lose and can’t pay the amount in full back, you’ve got to marry me.” 

Troy, feeling that all the cards are in his favour, goes about trying to get the one woman he has always been in love with - by fair or foul means. When he realizes that Headley is just as ingenuous at trying to sort out her fathers finances, the two meet head on with some explosive results.

Dangerous Bet: Troy’s Revenge
is the first book in the Tycoon Club series, and in true Marie Rochelle style we get the overbearing, possessive alpha male that is Troy Christian.  He tries to get back at Headley’s father but also make up for lost time by daring her into a situation that can only see him as the victor.

Headley on the other hand, is strong determined and very inventive. Although she has always had a thing for Troy, she’s always felt as if she was not in his league. When she is literally caught between a rock and Troy she has to make a decision, but is it the one she want or the one she is forced to make.

Dangerous Bet: Troy’s Revenge is an absolutely brilliant read, with some fantastic love scenes that will have you reaching for the fan a time or two. A great first book to start the series off, and from the subtle hints of things to come, future books sound just as the exciting. 


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