Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Travelling Circus Book 2: Center Ring Sutton Fox

When race car legend Butch Cameron and his wife Lacy dies, their daughter Julia Cameron is left in charge of not only the racing empire that they have built but her two teenage brothers as well. With all this emotional turmoil happening, Julia is thought to be the prime suspect and the powers that be at FASPRO are not happy with the assumption that one of their own is a murderer.

Julia has more on her plate to worry about than what the FASPRO management thinks. As not only is she a suspect in her parents murder, but someone was trying to run her out of business. When she has an instant attraction to FASPRO security chief she knows she has to take matters into her own hands.  

Hiring Roane Jameson in the position of security chief was just a cover for Roane to investigate Julia from an up close and personal distance as her bodyguard. What the bosses didn’t count on was Roane’s attraction to the feisty Ms. Cameron and the fact that he thinks she did not do it.

CENTER RING is the second book in the Travelling Circus Series and it is better than the first book. CENTER RING is a much more fast-paced book, with the main protagonists all well developed and the relationships between supporting players all vital to the plot.

Julia is a child in a woman’s body, wanting that elusive thing call love, while having a big chip of insecurity on her shoulder when it comes to walking in her father’s shoes. FASPRO throwing Roane into the mix does not help as she immediately sees the life she could have with a man who is worth fighting for.

Roane has more secrets that he wants to burden anyone with. Once he realizes that what he feels for Julia is something worth making an effort for. He is immediately caught up in the drama that is his own private life and he wants none of that to touch Julia.

If there was a book with more suspects and accusations to spread around this would be it. Sutton Fox has kept the twists and turns coming and with impressive skill, she has drawn us into the exciting cutthroat world that is motor sports.

I was also impressed with Ms. Fox ability to wrap things up in a timely manner, all the loose ends were nicely dealt with and as much as I hope she continues with the series. I was very pleased with the final outcome for Julia and Roane.

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