Sunday, 25 January 2009

Through The Closet Door: Rick R. Reed

Gregory has lived next door to neighbour Jake for about two years now, although married and openly envied by his acquaintances he find himself at a crossroads with his sexuality over the summer holidays and finds himself looking at Jake in a totally different light.


Keeping a journal gives him the avenue of expressing himself as he’s has never been able to with anyone else, and also give the confidence to know his secret is still safe –after all he is still hiding his journal.

Something had to give and when his wife starts the ever increasing demands of starting a family, the choice may just about be taken out of his hands; but is he ready to come through those closet doors?



Without giving much away, Gregory is caught up in his emerging sexuality over the summer holidays. He is unfortunately caught in the middle of a wife who wants to start a family and the guy next door, who could be the answer to his heartfelt desire.

Both are awaiting answers and Gregory has to make a choice – but what path will Gregory take in order to be true to himself?

I have to admit, it took me a while to get into this one, I actually read it twice to realize that this is actually a well thought out event – it was even more surprising to realize as well that Gregory’s journey is one that the author Rick Reed can emphasize with.



For fans of Rick Reid THROUGH THE CLOSET DOOR is a read not to be missed.



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