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SECRETS 26 - Bound by Passion Author: Calista Fox, Rachel Carrington, Kate St. James, Juliet Burns




SECRETS RENDEZVOUS is Calista Fox’s tale of good girl meets bad boy. McCarthy Portman has quite a success rate of matching the right guy with the right girl at the dating agency where she works; her own life however is not as successful. When she tries her name in the system to see who her perfect match would be, Lo and behold it’s none other than “The Rage, nightclub owner Josh Kensington – bad boy extraordinaire.




Josh is not only sexy, but not her type and certainly out of her league. Josh on the other hand is not only proud of his bad boy image but adds to it every chance he gets. When he meets McCarthy however – all bets are off - she’s all he sees.



There are just some combinations that work well in romance and bad boy gets caught by good girl is certainly one. Ms Fox has built on this to give us a sexy hero, who has it all, played the game but has the decency to know a good thing when he sees it. McCarthy is a force to be reckoned, she is not only funny but she knows exactly how to play Josh at his game.



ENCHANTED SPELL by Rachel Carrington



In Wizard Country all is not well, Kevlin is deeply worried, not only is his brother -missing without a word or a trace to his whereabouts, but his father, Oriel is dying. When Ella – a witch - arrives in Wizard Country Kevlin is naturally suspicious as she arrives just about the same time his brother goes missing and a wizard can only be killed if a witch is involved?



Ella doesn’t have a clue of what is happening around her when she ends up in Wizard Country, she only knows that in order to find out who is behind all the strange occurrences, she must work with Kevlin if they hope to get to the bottom of it.



Rachel Carrington is not only a gifted writer but she has a fantastic imagination – readers will easily fall in love with her characters and they will most certainly enjoy their time in this ENCHANTED SPELL of a book.

EXES AHHHS by Kate St James



Risa Haber is part owner of the catering company Sweet Sensation, the other half of this partnership is her ex-lover Eric Lange. Although they are no longer together and Eric is suppose to be a sleeping partner, she sometimes wonder if they have actually broken up as he drops by so often it’s little wonder he has time for the Italian restaurant that he owns.



Eric has never fallen out of love with Risa and wants her back. She’s not only turned down his suggestion of two weeks of dating, but given him only one night to say what ever it is that he has to say. Eric knows he has only one chance, but Risa is not about to give in that easily.

EXES AHHHS is hilariously funny, Ms. St James has given us two protagonists that you cannot help but fall in love with. Risa just wants to get on with the business at hand – running her shop and creating the “erotic desserts” that she is known for. With Eric underfoot at every turn it’s a wonder she gets anything done. Eric on the other hand only has one objective - get Risa back – and it a fun ride watching him trying his best to woo her.

I absolutely enjoyed this read; it has everything, the little pikes of jealously, the cute best friend, the ageing porn star and top that off with some steamy sex scenes. My only regret is that we didn’t get to spend more time with Risa and Eric.




The last story in the anthology is a historical set in the period of the Napoleonic war. A British spy, Major Ambrose Delacourt, is captured and after enduring a brutal imprisonment and refusing to give his captors information they needed– he is delivered to a courtesan. He is not only to be a love-slave but to also entertain the guests of Madame Mystère protector – the vile and less than reputable Marquis de Séréville.



Madame Mystère knows she has to be careful in order to help Major Delacourt because in helping him she runs the risk of exposing herself.

THE SPY’S SURRENDER is my first historical in about a year and I am pleased I read this book, a fast paced book, which had me not only caught up in the life and love of Eva and Ambrose. Throw in the hot sex scenes and the vamped up Eva as a Dominatrix and I was hooked.


The bottom line:



Red sage has given us an anthology with something for everyone. All the stories work well together and for first time readers of any of these authors, Vol26 - SECRETS – BOUND BY PASSION is a brilliant anthology to start with.




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