Sunday, 18 January 2009

On Another Matter *********

For followers and quiet lurkers of EROTIC HORIZON, at the end of this month will make one year that I have been reviewing almost solely M/M erotic romance book (while not all the reviews are posted here, they will be over time). That was my resolution last year. I now have to start tackling my TBR pile, and its overflowing with the title's that I have been hoarding and itching to get me hands on for a while now.


So as of the end of this month, while I will never stop reviewing M/M books, there will definately be a reduction in the volume of them on the site. I will probably have to be creative and come up with a structure to the madness of how I review.


Of course I have loads of ideas for the near and far future for the blog - The Guest Blogger Spot will continue every Monday as usual so if you want to let your voice be heard give me a shout. I have some exciting blogger's telling all in the next few weeks.


Another thing that will also change is the look of the blog - Over the next few weeks I will be chipping away in the background, looking at colours styling and actually if it's worth it to actually change the look. I kind a like the natural look. (let me know what you think)


P.S. Remember to stop by My Book Challenge site which will most definately have all the books I read with at least some sort of opinion on what I think of them.



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