Tuesday, 13 January 2009

New Year's Fire: Kate Steele




Dean Conlon and Scott Whittaker have been together for awhile and things are going better than expected – that is until a few days before New Year’s. Scott is in a snit and Dean has no idea what has brought it on. He at first thought it was due to his team losing at football, but as the morning progresses, Scott’s mood only gets worst. Well, Dean has just had enough, when he turns his mood onto a defenseless animal – other than lashing out at him, he does the unthinkable – he walks away from it all.

Kate Steele is back with a follow up on the life and love of Dean and Scott. After the drama of getting together, their lives should be all about peace and quiet and a whole lot of loving. Something has however gotten Scott down and he’s giving Dean the cold shoulder.



Dean, being the diplomat is trying to understand and let peace reign, however he can only do so much. He has plans for New Year’s and he wants his man to share it with him, but with Scott’s mood, he just might end up celebrating New Year’s on his own.

NEW YEAR’S FIRE is a feel good start of the year book from Kate Steele that fans will thoroughly enjoy. This is not a standalone book; SURE FIRE CURE must be read in order to fully appreciate this great read.




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