Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Murphy's Hero: G.A. Hauser

When Alexander left home his main purposes were to get away from a controlling mother and to develop confidence in himself. While he’s achieved the first goal with relative ease, the second was still a work in progress. All that changed however when his passion for Ancient History and in particular the ancient warriors of Greece lead him to trying on a fake Corinthian mask - and his entire world change.

Alexander is immediately turned into a hero, this however does not help with all his confidence issues; as he is still an innocent in every sense of the word –this is where Adrian comes in, the man he accidentally meets on the streets of London.


Adrian is chief-editor of a gay erotic magazine. When he spots a man who would be a most welcome addition to the centre spread of the magazine – he pursues him, and gets a yes for a quick drink. However when he gets to know more about Alexander, he realizes two things – one, Alexander is too caught up in the business of being a hero to see his own danger and two he is just the man to teach him all the things he needs to know.


I love this author for so many reason, and with MURPHY’S HERO, Ms. Hauser has incorporated the best of both worlds for me. She has used everything that is good and not so good about London and given us a true love story that will have you falling in love all over again, and she has given us two protagonists who are real heroes.


Alexander is a sweetheart, with his naivety and his passion for doing the right thing. He comes in to his own when he meets Adrian and as his attraction for the man develops into something more – you can see a strength in him, which even surprises Adrian.

Adrian is every woman’s dream man come true; as much as he approaches Alexander for commercial purposes, he quickly finds out that he has to be stable force in Alexander’s life. This leads to Adrian wanting Alexander for his own and a most tender love story begins.


MURPHY’S HERO is a must read for any true fan of G.A. Hauser work. For new fans, you’ll find two heroes just waiting to walk right into your dream.



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