Friday, 16 January 2009

The Millionaire's Fake Fiancée: Rita Sawyer


When Harley Taizer’s grandfather asked her to meet him, she had not expected the shock of find out that she is a rich woman, but she has suddenly come under the radar that is her parents’ greedy and conniving ways. The plus side however is that a security specialist will be assigned to help deal with all the tedious stuff. No one told her however that security comes wrapped up in a package like Kasper Drake.



Kasper Drake, security specialist to the rich and royal pampered trust babies, is surprised when he finds himself in a less than wealthy neighbourhood to meet his newest client. Harley is unlike anyone he has ever met with the contradicting personality and her even surprising sense of dress.



Finding himself in a situation where he finds it hard to draw the line between professionalism and wanting the girl, he gets caught up in Harley’s life. When an unexpected situation ends up giving him the opportunity to claim a fictitious engagement – he jumps at it – now to convince Harley that he is never letting her go.

WOW – Rita Sawyer has jumped to the head of the queue with this lively romp through the lives of the rich, greedy and famous. THE MILLIONAIRE'S FAKE FIANCEE is a story filled with a little bit of everything to make this wonderful author one to watch.

Harley, a down to earth girl is caught in a situation; that has not only left her feeling insecure but also brings home a few home truth to her which she has no choice but to face in order to move on with her life. Kasper on the other hand has accepted without ever questioning his upbringing. He prefers however to concentrate on the job he loves rather than delve into his own relationships, he must though face the music when his past comes home to meet his future.



Ms. Sawyer, definitely did not phone this one in, she has clearly spent some time on these wonderful characters. Harley and Kasper are not only fun but they bring a quality to their relationship that is pure magic. The secondary characters are funny, lively and make this book an absolute pleasure to read. Well done Ms. Sawyer.



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