Thursday, 29 January 2009

A Matter Among Men: Destiny Blaine

Darlene, the younger of the two girls, has had to grow up fast after the death of her parents. With her sister Kimbrell,

not showing any interest in the ranch, she does what she has to do – she gets on with business. Hiring and firing men on the ranch is nothing new for Darlene.

However when a new hand turns up for work, and from the get go is definitely more interested in claiming her than rounding up cattle, she immediately goes on the offense. With the testosterone level running high on the ranch, is she prepared to be brought to heel by this very determined cowboy?

Jack Dawson has returned home after ten years. Not only is he smarter, but he is also a different man. Coming back home for the girl that he’s has always considered his, he arrives just in time to take charge of a situation that’s almost out of control. With an overload of secrets in his past, can he win the girl before his secrets destroy his future?

Ms. Blaine has dressed up the old promised marriage custom into a  story that is not only brutal in its honesty of life on a ranch with two females in charge, but with two women who are now adults who have never forgotten what their parents intended to do before their untimely death.

For fans of sexy alpha male cowboys who won’t take no for an answer and even sexier women who appreciate a man who takes charge, you will not be disappointed with A MATTER AMONG MEN. Ms Blaine’s descriptive style of writing makes for some every erotic love scenes. Along with the ever present angst between the main players and the supporting cast, there are secrets, lies and innuendo that can only be revealed when they look into themselves and realize that this is their time and their moment.


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