Tuesday, 20 January 2009

The Long Way Home: ZA Maxfield

Former police officer turned physic, Kevin Quinn, is called back to California by his brother-in-law when boys start going missing. Despite is reluctance to leave his lonely exile home of Wyoming, he agrees to help. Only concerned with getting there and doing what he can to help, he pushes everything else that may affect him onto the back burner.

Wanting to keeps is involvement on the case as quiet as possible, he is partnered with a new shield detective, Connor Dougal. With the usual skepticism, Connor discounts Kevin’s ability until Kevin accidentally sees his dreams. Then it’s a whole new ball game.

Connor is asked to house Kevin for the duration of the case, not for any vital reason other than because he’s rich and his lifestyle can afford for the department to keep Kevin a secret. Meeting Kevin was not what he expected, but after a few days with Kevin, he can hardly imagine not having Kevin in his home.

With the case a year old and no leads, Kevin insight is spot-on when he discovers an irregularity. However in the scheme of things, Kevin is just as good as the information he is given, and although he has had this gift for a while, he looks at it as “the gift that keeps on takin
g” as the wear and tear to his body is shocking. Connor is incensed when he realizes what is happening and steps in to help. Opening Kevin’s past is like opening a can of worms, however Connor is determined to help this man… the man he wants to claim as his own. Kevin is too much of a realist to accept that Connor is genuine in regards to his feelings and it’s this thinking that may cause him to lose everything.

After reading THE LONG WAY HOME, I literally had to take a day or two to process this book – it was that good. This was my first book by ZA Maxfield, but you can bet your bottom dollar it won’t be my last.

The book starts off with some intense and touching moments and to be honest, the author kept the twists and turns, the ebbs and the flows coming thick and fast all the way through this absolutely stunning read.

Kevin, a recluse by his own choosing, has not only returned into a situation where he is the butt of every joke, but also back to his home town and a family that he has not seen in years. With his gift, shaky at best and patchy at worst, he jumps right into the fray of things. He has a shock however, as his “trekkie” takes on the challenge of supporting him, when is gift get a bit too much for him – and this is the point I fell right overboard in love with these two men.

Connor is the classic boy next door, sweet, charming, and modest, but also has the ability to recognize the fact, than in order for him to experience true happiness and fulfillment, he has to make some hard choices and he faces them head on.

THE LONG WAY HOME is not just a love story, with a murder mystery theme. This book has a plot that readers will not easily forget. The book is all about new beginnings, the joy and the pain of family, acceptance and forgiving with grace. There are numerous emotional high and low point in this book, but the characters are so well scripted, they cry, they laugh and they know how and when to say sorry, that you feel every emotion with these wonderful men.

I for one will be thumbing through the pages of THE LONG WAY HOME, for a long while yet.

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