Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Joey's First Time: Carol Lynne


Curt, part time bartender at the Maverick night club, picks up quickly when a first timer comes into the club, not only by the drink he orders, but also by his naivety about the club scene. When he finds that he cannot take his eye off the little newbie on the dance floor, he takes matter into his hands and joins him.


Curt and Jamie realize quickly that they can be good together, but being at different phases in their life, they find making it work harder than their introduction.



Ms. Lynne has given us a nice feel-good story with JOEY’S FIRST TIME. It’s a tale of trust, of taking a chance, and of believing in second chances. Joey is a young man wanting to experience all the things he is unable to do in small town Lymon. When he meets Curt, he knows he’s found a good thing, but he is still young enough to let emotion almost ruin probably the best thing that may have happened to him.



Curt comes with his own set of baggage.  While he is very much attracted to Joey, he can’t let go of past hurt in order to see the great find he has in Joey. He quickly realises that he has to communicate and trust in order to get his man.



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