Saturday, 31 January 2009

I have been Happy tagged


I’ve been Tagged by Dani from Confessions of a Romance Book Addict! Thanks Dani! I have been popping in and out of Dani's blog since she started and it has been fun. make sure you go over and see what she's been up to.


Here are the rules of Happy Tag:

1. Link to the person who Tagged you.

2. List 6 things that make you happy.
3. Post the rules.

4.Tag 6 others and let them know you Tagged them.

5. Then tell the person who Tagged you that your entry is finished.

6 Things That Make Me Happy:

1. My Library - I am a nerd at heart and my library brings me a great deal of pleasure - I have

been working at it since my teenage years and I have gone through various reading stages and I think I have found my niche(I think) - Plenty of romance with a liberal sprinkling of, suspense, vamp and witches with a few dragons if you please.  Add a few mythology and ancient history tucked in somewhere there and I am good to go.

2. My kids - I have super science geek's and they are a blessing and a curse, when I am not hiding from them I am more than likely to be found jumping in the mud puddle right along side them.

3. Parents - I am blessed with parents who have aged well and who can keep up with the grandkids and I - or is it the other way around. They make life all the better for us having them  and loving them.

4.Cooking - Where some people stress and go into a prolonged pout - I take to the kitchen - and my family have never been happier - food on tap. Highly stressed I am. 

5.Choice - It sound so simple, but I am blessed I live in a part of the world where I actually have a choice to say (within reason) and be all I can and want to be - it is a blessing to be treasured everyday.

6. Handbags - My stock pile of handbags - need I say more - LOVE THEM. 


6 People I’ve Tagged:

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If you haven’t checked out any of those blogs above you definately should! 

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