Thursday, 15 January 2009

Holiday Outing: Astrid Amara

Going back home after years of making excuses and avoiding the family holiday, had Jonah Levinson feeling like an awkward teenager. While travelling there he skirts around the idea of how to come out to his parents or even if he should come out at all. When the blizzard of the century makes an appearance on that week, the last person he expects to see much less end up sharing a room with for the week is Ethan Rosenberg.

Dr. Ethan Rosenberg is also home for the holiday; he however has one thing on his mind. Try for the boy he’s always been fascinated with. However, words said in youthful exuberance cannot be taken back no matter how you wish them, and he has a hard time convincing Jonah that his intentions are honourable – this time.

While they both try to make the best of the situation with the pressure of attraction looming over them, they are dropped into the middle of a mystery of the missing valuable family heirloom. This ending up throwing them together, a little less than they would both like.



Astrid Amara’s HOLIDAY OUTING is a perfect story of all that is good and not so good about families, life and the holiday season.

Jonah, over the years has developed a complex when it comes to the wonder boy that is Ethan Rosenberg. Not only was he the next door neighbour for years, high school favourite but also the boy who could certainly do no wrong in his own mother’s eyes. So it’s little wonder that he is surprise when this specimen of perfection starts flirting with him and seems to want more from him.

Jonah is not easily convinced however. When a family mystery leads to them spending more time together, what results is them finding out more about each other and clearing up hurt and anger from the past twelve years. However in the back of Jonah mind this is all just a holiday fling for Ethan; while Ethan knows what he wants, but convincing Jonah is harder than he ever imaged.



HOLIDAY OUTING is a good read; the mystery and supporting characters lend weight to this exciting seasonal story from Astrid Amara. A new to me author but most definitely one to watch.



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