Sunday, 25 January 2009

Harvest Heat: Carol Lynne


Taking some much deserved personal time away from home and his father, James takes a tour of the outback of Australia. Just qualified as a lawyer, he however has no heart for it and just wants to have a chance at his first love – working with the land.


Wanting to stay in Australia a little longer, he takes a job as a farm hand to not only the most reclusive farmer in the area, but also one of the sexiest men he has ever met.


Lochie has carved out a life for himself in the outback, but without help this season; he’s looking at some hard time to come. With luck on his side, he gets a farm hand and more than decent eye candy in the bargain to help him bring in his harvest.


An attraction builds up between the two and although they let it lead them where it will, Lochie may yet lose Jamie, as he has a secret which Jamie is about to find out sooner than he planned.


Lochie and Jamie are at just the right phase of their lives to accept the other; however fantasy and reality are never ever the same things. Lochie has lived the life he has wanted until he realizes that there is more to life than what he had going on in the city, but coming home has him facing a whole new set of challenges that he had to deal with; now that he has Jamie in his life, he finds he again has to rethink what is important in his life.


Jamie is caught between wanting to please a father and also wanting to follow his dream of working with the land. Meeting Lochie is like icing on the cake. However the sting is in the details as Jamie finds out when the first local get together happens.


HARVEST HEAT is billed as a stand along book in the Carol Lynne ever increasing repertoire of deliciously sexy reads. However, this has the making of a series as the supporting players all comes with there own little secrets, and with events left as they are, I for one am looking forward to wherever Ms. Lynne goes with this one.




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