Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Fortune's Return: Jamie Craig


Ryan Putman pulls up into the front yard of the Good Fortune ranch contemplating his past and not having much prospect for his future. Having nowhere to live after not only losing his job, but also his lover of nearly a decade, who decided that they were not compatible after all; Not knowing what else to do he’s come home to mom – only thing mom has been dead a few years now – and who’s left is new to the ranch and might just be exactly what Ryan needs.

Teo Mendez, father, hard working ranch hand and the man who only says as much as he has to, is a refreshing change from what Ryan is used to. Coming back to his first love ranch, after the death of his wife, Teo is not only a great father but also a considerate friend and an exceptional confidant.

Having been burnt badly Ryan is not willing to rush headlong into the unknown, but faced with all of Teo’s exceptional qualities he falls easily. However sometimes things are not as straightforward as they seem.

I am constantly amazed at the duo that is Jamie Craig. After the most wonderful book that FORTUNE HONOR was - they have returned with a second book in the series FORTUNE’S RETURN, this is not only intense in the wealth of emotions that it brings out, but it takes you into the life of Teo and Ryan while updating the readers on the relationship between Clay and Paige.

Teo is totally different from Ryan’s ex- lover and he is quickly falling in love with the man. However when he innocently tries to help but naively think feelings would not be hurt and harsh wouldn’t be spoken, he gets in over his head. After all is said and done however – it takes a strong man to realize his mistake and man up to them – and Ryan and Teo are no less than two strong men.

FORTUNE’S RETURN is a wonderful read and can be read as a stand alone book, however to understand the dynamic of the supporting characters you may want to read FORTUNES HONOR first. 

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