Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Fortune's Honor : Jamie Craig

When Clay Putman finds himself in the position of playing host to his brother’s fiancé, he does it with good grace. He is a glass half full sort of guy and looks at the positive of having his future sister-in-law under his roof. He was not prepared however for the attraction he feels for the young teacher who seems to also be making the best of the situation.

Paige has more or less descended on her fiancé’s family, which she finds out consists of a brother who is more man than she is used to and his mother who is more than content in her own company. Straight away after arriving at the ranch both Clay and Paige are caught up in a battle of denying their attraction for each other, while also respecting the fact that Paige is an engaged woman – even if she’s beginning to wonder if it is to the right man.

FORTUNE’S HONOR is the first in a two part series about a family of brothers who have more or less gone on to brighter prospects away from the family ranch. This first book is Clay’s story – the eldest brother, who has not only made all the necessary sacrifices expected of the eldest – but also shoulders the burden of carrying on the ranch as he’s the one that deeply cares about the land.

Paige and Clay are both decent people, meeting at what would be considered the right time as they both need each other at this time, however the circumstances under which they meet is not ideal and both have enough honor and respect for each other to tread a fine line between what they want and what is right.

High praise for FORTUNE’S HONOR, this book will definitely have you shedding more than a few tears. FORTUNE’S HONOR was a surprise for me, but a most pleasant one.

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