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Guest Blogger: Evie - The Book Fiend




This weeks guest is a truly gifted person, not only is she in the business of saving lives, but she has the most phenomenal energy to bounce all over the web with her creativity. She currently operates quite a few blogs (remember she saves lives as well) including The Book Fiend, Evie the Book Fiend's Challenge Blog, Random Minutiae.



She has also decided this year, to not only join in a host of reading challenges but to host one for herself Living by the List Challenge. Evie loves the challenge of taking on something new and exploring the path less travelled, which is evident from her book recommendations, and of course her passion for anything fairy.  She is quite passionate about having diversity on her blog, so on any given day you just never know what she will come up with.




Evie was kind enough to agree to answer a few questions for me, as the aim of the GUEST BLOGGER spot is to have fun, she has jumped right in and did it her way. I  absolutely enjoyed finding out about Evie and I am sure you will enjoy a little bit of surprise that Evie had just at the end of the interview.




Join me in welcoming Evie - The- Book fiend,





In December, I received an email from Jhay from requesting that I be a guest blogger on her site. My response was …huh? Obviously there had been a mistake. I’m a nobody. Once I took a look at her blog and had a better understanding of the expectations, I was still reluctant. She confused me with someone interesting. Certainly someone else out in the big blog world would be a better candidate than me. Jhay convinced me to go with it to give others a peak behind the curtains of and to find out who is at the keyboard.




As I’m sure this is my only opportunity for a few moments of fame, I now graciously accept.



Hi Mom! Hi Erica, Lucien, Joshman! Hey Hadie and Gertie! Thanks Jhay! XOXO to Billy. I’d like to give a shout out to all my friends at Shelfari! WOOHOO! (Okay, that’s out of my system!)



Blogging is something new to me and I started more to play and learn about formatting a webpage, adding pictures, gadgets and gizmos than anything else. Once that was accomplished I had the very difficult task of deciding what on earth to write about. I’m a registered nurse in the operating room but after a long day at work, I wanted to play, be silly and lighten up, not write about real life: patient care, the operations I circulated or scrubbed in, my experiences and interactions with patients and surgeons. Bleh. Plus I was worried about getting sued. It was only after joining Shelfari that I realized I could blog about the books I read since that’s a major way I de-stress myself.



My career greatly influences my book choices. Now don’t start thinking me honourable just yet. I’m totally into books clip_image002that are so far removed from reality it’s like being high but without the drugs. Vampires, werewolves, fey, men in kilts, and kick-ass chicks that save the world from baddies without breaking a sweat. Ah, my comfort reads-paranormal and urban fantasy- take me through the otherworldly gates during Samhain to meet the capricious Fey then suddenly toss me into the streets of New Crobuzon where creatures are so formidable even Hell locks the door against them. Cool, huh? I’ve recently been upgraded from avid reader to voracious reader. I’ve been told to go outside and play with a stick and get some fresh air. I’d rather curl up by the fire and try to figure out if Jericho Z. Barrons is a druid, a fae prince or the Unseelie King. Susorry.





Blogging has become very popular and allows everyone to get in on the action. Book blogs are my favourite because there’s a better chance of finding a review in the genres I prefer and they’re fun with widgets and links and all kinds of pretty flashy things to hold my interest. Recently I added the ability to link readers directly to Amazon before they can say, “Lets go to the bookstore.That has got to be a boon for the industry. Additionally on Random Minutiae, I had a book give-away to promote my favourite new series,  The Savannah Vampires by Raven Hart. (Raven Hart is the nom de plume of author Susan Goggins)  I did this so people would know there are other choices out there besides the usual vampire  fare that has been around for several years. Raven Hart/Susan writes a damn good series. She’s a new voice that’s creative  and intelligent. It’s hard to know if my tiny efforts made an impact on her sales but the whole giveaway was fun and the interview with Raven/Susan was a thrill. I hope to do more interviews and giveaways in the future. That’s the great thing about writing a blog, there are so many creative paths your blog can take and who knows where it will lead?


 I have a few secrets up my sleeve for 2009 for any followers, real or imaginary. It’s quite big and involves bothering authors until they bend to my will and help me out! Muahahah! As always, I strive to improve my writing skill. A review is more than just saying you liked or disliked a book. Hopefully over time, I’ll gain a bit of finesse, a little savoir-faire and if not, we can enjoy a few youtube videos together. One thing I’ll never do is write spoileriness. This is a bit of a pet peeve of mine since I’ve read spoilers and there’s a reason they’re called that. My eyes! My eyes! Oops, too late. Can’t suck that piece of knowledge out of my brain now, thank you very much.

Thank you so much, Jhay, for inviting me over to your blog. I’m truly honoured and this was great fun. I have to admit, I was initially thrown by your blog name, Erotic Horizon, but interviewing blogger's is a creative idea. Now in the spirit of your blog name, I’ll leave you with a little something I wrote (another little hobby of mine) since you asked for a little tease!!



“No more waiting,” Adam said, gently lifting her dress over her head. In one quick movement he unhooked the front clasp of her bra. He smiled at the surprise on her face.

“Now that’s skill.”  Grace grinned as she let it fall from her shoulders.

“It’s nothing.  It comes with the Y chromosome.”

Her soft throaty laugh aroused him even more.  He kissed her softly, pulling her to him, her lips tasting of sweet honey liqueur. The feel of her breasts pressed against his chest, skin on skin, set him on fire. He moaned as Grace tangled her tongue with his while she pressed her hips into his erection. He slid his hands beneath her panties, grasping her soft round bottom. He relished the kisses lavished on his neck and chest while she wiggled out of her panties.

He eased her back against the bed and she sat down, her nimble fingers unfastening his   jeans. She moistened her lips, her eyes lingering on his hard length.  Images of her perfect bow mouth around his hard cock flooded his brain.  He inhaled sharply, jaw clenching.

Exhaling, he kneeled down and opened her legs to him. Slipping his hands underneath her bottom, he pulled her to the edge of the bed. He gently lay her back, untangling her arms from around his neck with a soft laugh and a tender warning of “Slow down, Sweet or I’ll be finished before I get started!”

“Adam, please…”

He wanted Grace since he first saw her and he was determined to take his time. He denied himself for too long.

Adam trailed a path of hot kisses over her breasts, sucking and dragging his teeth over each rosy nipple while he teased and twisted the other made wet by his kisses. Leisurely, he kissed his way down her belly, over the crest and hollow of her hips, making his way to the softness of each inner thigh. Gently spreading her most intimate folds, he tasted her sweet silkiness, licking and teasing until Grace began trembling, small mewling noises escaping her. Her moans grew deeper and throatier as she rocked her pelvis to his face. He inhaled her exquisite scent, nostrils flaring and muscles taut with intense desire. Looking up, he let out a deep growl of satisfaction at the sight of her body, flushed and glistening.

“Oh, Gracie…” he whispered.





Happy New Year!  Best to all!











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Raven on 12 January 2009 at 22:02 said...

Awesome blog! Thanks for the plug, Evie!

Erotic Horizon on 13 January 2009 at 10:45 said...

Thank Evie for joining me today - and looking forward to more steamy scenes from you.

Raven - always a pleasure when authors stop by - thanks.