Sunday, 4 January 2009

A Desperado For Christmas: Vijaya Schartz

Kate Harrington finds it difficult to get involved and celebrate the festive season – due largely to the fact that a year ago she was beaten badly by her boyfriend which resulted in the loss of her unborn child, on Christmas Eve no less.

She ends up taking a job that keeps her out of the festivities as a Rookie border guard. When she is stationed at the Mexico/Arizona Border she is glad for the quiet, at least, and hopes this night in particular is a quiet one. This however does not happen as this is the night she meets - Miguel.

Miguel is apart of a team of vicious desperadoes who are prepared to do anything to get to the end result. Before the end of the night, Kate not only finds herself with a deep attraction for one of the desperadoes, but also that beneath the extremely attractive Miguel’s rouged exterior he is a gentleman at heart. This Christmas might just be the one when miracles happen.

If you like your love story mixed in with a whole lot of adventure and excitement, Vijaya Schartz’s A DESPERADO FOR CHRISTMAS is just the book for you. Using work as an excuse to avoid her pain, Kate works the shift where everyone should be out enjoying the festivity; trouble follows her however and she ends up in a situation, where her faith in miracles is restored when she meets Miguel.

is a fast pace book that does not give you a break until the last page. Emotions are tested, faith and hope are restored and after all the action, Ms. Schartz leaves us with a very pleasant smile on our face. 


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