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The Debtor's Daughters Series - Faith - Hope - Charity: Lacey Thorn




Turning twenty-one is meant to be an exciting time for any young girl – but not so for Lacy. Promised to one of her father's old balding cronies as his bride, Lacey will do anything to get out of the arrangement and on the eve of her twenty first she takes matter into her own hands.


Jake is tired and frustrated, his plan to get the girl he’s been dreaming of doesn’t seem to be going well; that is until the girl in question walked right through his isolated cabin door. Now to revise the plan, as there was no way he was letting her go.

FAITHFUL BEGINNING is the first in Ms. Thorns DEBTOR’S DAUGHTERS series and to be honest this is a sweet romp. Lacey is just coming up to that magical age of twenty one where all girl dream of independence and have that naive outlook of life. However Lacey is caught in a trap and her only solution is running – and run she did.

Jake on the other hand, wants Lacey for more than just a romp – and although with some luck she right where he wants her to be – he now has to protect her.

This is a quick visit and Ms. Thorn has most definitely piked my interest especially with the last paragraph – a most fantastic start to this series.



After her sister Lacey home, Hope has spend the last three years plotting and planning for her own chance to escape – and the time has finally arrived. Her twenty first is just a week away and she is in the same predicament has her sister before her – scheduled to be wed.


She spots her chance, make good her escape and finds herself in the arms of one the most dynamic man – but there’s a catch – there’s two of them.

Shawn O’Grady is sailing home with his best friend and business partner - Tommy, and they have a lot on their mind – after all Shawn mum has just dropped a bomb shell on them. Discovering a message in a bottle – they thought how appropriate as even before they set sail they find themselves looking into the eyes of their future.

Hope, Shawn and Tommy are doing very much the same thing, albeit in a different way. They are looking for the one person to call their own and putting more of a bravado than than they actually feel. Hope has planned and plotted to get to where she is now, however she is not so focused on herself that she can’t see a good thing when it stares her in the face. The problem is, or the bonus as luck would have it, she has two great men who are willing to make her dreams come through and challenge her cause.


Shawn and Tommy has been given sound advice just recently and with the hand of faith and lots of hope, it looks as if they are about to have it all.

GAINING HOPE, second book in the DEBTOR’S DAUGHTERS series comes as part of the Legend anthology. More of Ms. Thorn style comes out in this book and she clearly has a panache for a little bit of mystery.


I am starting to thing of the how, why and when, as I read these books. A good read – eagerly awaiting the next read.




Charity, the third sister is frustrated, unhappy and caught - trapped in a cabin awaiting the bodyguards who are to ensure she turns up for the wedding she didn’t want - on time. When she gets a glimpse of the brothers hired to keep her secure – she starts planning how to get the best of them.

Dev and Doug James are just doing their job, however when they get the details of the job, they take matters into their own hands and it’s with no regret that they guard Charity to the letter of the contract.

Spending the few days she has left as a free woman with the delectable James brothers has Charity experiencing emotions she’s never felt before –however once she put these into words how far is she willing to go to carry them through?

CLAIMING CHARITY is the third in Lacey Thorn’s THE DEBTORS DAUGHTERS series, Charity is at the end of her tethers about what to do, how to escape or how to justify what is happening to her. When she gets her way with the James brothers – she gets more that she bargains for.

Doug and Dev are not only ready to do the right thing by Charity to make her happy, but are willing to make Charity’s dream come through in every way possible.

Lacey Thorn has once again done her magic with this series. is a much more weightier read and I still maintain - with every read we get a bit more of the history and the mystery behind why these girls are caught up in this situation.

CLAIMING CHARITY is fantastic third book with a lot more love scenes and a more down to earth feel to the union of these three.



THE DEBTOR'S DAUGHTERS will eventually be the stories of five sisters. We have so far been treated to three of the five sisters story.

With every book that Ms. Thorn writes, she give a little bit more of the mystery. I have to admit when I read the first book, I though is this it -while there was that last paragraph that make it so worth it - but still I wondered.

However by the third book, I realised that this was a stroke of genius on Ms. Thorn's part. Working back is a new one on me and I liked the concept of it. To really enjoy these books -  try to read all the three as close together as possible.

I am eagerly looking forward to the next two sisters books and how much more of the mystery will Ms. Thorn reveal to the reader and without giving a big part of the mystery away those last paragraph are really worth looking forward to. 



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