Friday, 9 January 2009

Dare To: AKM Miles



Ryan Spencer, an up and coming contractor, finds himself the guardian to his four year old nephew after the death of his sister. When his nephew runs to a stranger for comfort, he finds himself not only breaking down in front of a total stranger, but finds instant attraction as well. Knowing a good thing when he feels it, he jumps right in and lays his cards on the table.

When Dare and Ryan decide to make their relationship exclusive, they didn’t anticipate they would not only have to battle the expected but also the unexpected in the shape of a nosy reporter and disgruntled co-worker.

Only AKM Miles knows how to turn practical into an erotic experience.

When the two men meet, in the most unlikeliest of places and in the most extraordinary circumstances, the sparks fly. Dare and Ryan are two strong personalities, and it shows in how they deal with JC’s reaction to his mother’s death, plus the challenges that follow Dare around.

Ryan knows exactly what Dare needs and when to give it, and although Dare has issues about taking too much from Ryan, he is intelligent enough to know that what Ryan is offering is exactly what he needs.

JC’s character brings high levels of hilarity to the book as well as that in-house cupid at work feel.


DARE TO is a very emotional read that will have you reaching for the tissue box - a time or two.


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