Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Corporate Passion: Carol Lynne

President of Brassil Industries Shane Brassil, is relieved when his vice president and partner Damon not only returns from London to fill the empty chair in the executive offices but also for him to set in motion his plan to make a certain sexy executive secretary their own. 

Damon Johnson, long term partner to Shane has come back from London, confident in the fact that he can hold his own in the business arena with Shane. The confidence he feels spills over into almost acting too hastily grabbing at what Shane has spent nearly two years nurturing. 

Rachel Ellerby, executive secretary to Brassil Industries President, has a sense of style and an even keener sense of dress; however the one person she has tried to tempt with everything in her arsenal – apart from jumping in his lap, has never given her the time of day.

When the new vice president lays down the new office rules to her and the boss is in agreement, she begins to wonder if this was a dream. A near tragedy strikes before they have a chance to put plans in motion, will all three survive the emotional upheaval the attack has brought on them?

Carol Lynne has come out guns blazing with CORPORATE PASSION. A stand alone book, she has given us an intense ménage relationship between three people who are exactly what each other need at this phase of their life.

Damon and Shane have been together since college and other than Damon’s self doubt in regards to business – they have remained steadfast and true to each other. 

Knowing from the first moment that Rachel is their third Shane bides his time and awaits Damon return, thing doesn’t go as planned and scars are left all round after an attack on his little family.

CORPORATE PASSION is a good read, with lively and very creative sex scenes that will most definitely have you reaching for something tall, wet and cool. 



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