Thursday, 22 January 2009

Collision Course: KA Mitchell

After breaking up with his last boyfriend, social worker Joey moves to another town – again – to not only start a new life but hopefully find love. Even after ten boyfriends he is still optimistic about finding that special one. The opportunity comes sooner than he expects and under most unusual circumstances.


Called to attend to a traffic accident by the side of the road, Aaron Chase immediately notices the body of the man assisting before he notices the man himself. Before the night is done he finds out a bit more than he bargained for with Joey.


After raising his brothers and sisters, while hiding from authorities, Aaron has more than enough issues stemming from that experience, along with dealing with his troublesome siblings, to take things further with Joey. However Joey has a way of accidentally falling into Aaron’s arms and Aaron has no complaints about catching him at all.


Joey has is own story and I am very pleased. I loved Joey in Diving in Deep and irrespective of his ditzy and manipulative ways he was one of my favourite persons. He has not changed - much – however he thinks he may have found Mr. Right this time and not Mr. Right Now. He also has to not only toe the line and make an effort, but it’s hard as Aaron is just not ready for Joey.


Aaron has mothered and fathered all the kids he wants with his siblings and with Joey he experience a whole new range of emotion than what’s he’s used to with his usual hook-ups. As much as Joey gets under his skin, he knows what he wants and little Joey has just about thrown his rule book out the window - for good.


I love this book for a whole range of reasons, the privacy that Joey maintains when he finds out about Aaron’s secret, the interaction between the siblings who have gone through and overcome so much, and mostly Aaron’s attempts to distance himself from Joey – when Joey is everything he could have wished for.





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