Thursday, 29 January 2009

Cattle Valley: Gone Surfin': Carol Lynne

Quade Maddison is miserable, not only has the weather dumped an unholy amount of snow on his little town of Cattle  Valley this Christmas, but he’s also lonely, achy and missing the man whom he has not been able to get off his mind for about a year now.

He gets stuck with the usual madness that happens in the town during the holiday season and to top it off, there’s love in the air all around wherever he looks. Going with the flow and joining the residents at the New Years Eve ball at the newest hot spot in Cattle Valley – Tall Pines Lodge

Kai Hachiya has not had a good year on the surfing circuit, due largely to his preoccupation with the man he met last year on the beach of Hawaii and has been playing phone jockey with ever since. Hit with freezing temperatures on his arrival when he decide on a surprise visit to Cattle Valley is the least of his worries, as the man he has come to see has no idea he’s in for a surprise.

GONE SURFIN' is our ninth visit to the utopia that is Cattle Valley. Quade is not the happy bunny that we have always known him to be, however, this time he is clearly out of sorts with his currently single position and most definitely not happy with the weather which make just moving around a chore.

When Kai turns up to make his New Year all he hoped it would, he is also put in the position of seeing Kai outside of his sunny, beach environment. Trying to balance it all and make his man happy – turns out to be one of the most challenging thing he’s ever done.

Kai is caught between having his dream come true and making a decision about the man he loves more than anything. After visiting Quade in his home town, he can’t really see the appeal of all the snow and time away from the shores. Willing to do anything to make them both happy, he puts himself in a position – that might have them losing it all, if he makes a mistake.

Carol Lynne is without a doubt one of my favourite erotic author, not only is she able to condense a whole bunch of emotion in a relatively short book, but she has a flow that just make you keep coming back for more. In GONE SURFIN', there are quite a few upheavals in Cattle Valley with the comings and goings of the residents. With all that however, we are treated to all the old players who never fail to put a smile on our face.






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