Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Calendar Boys: January: Miami Perfect Weekend: Jamie Craig

When footballer Tre Griffin stops off in the hotel bar after his flight is delayed, the last thing he expects to find is instant attraction with a fellow hotel guest. Not only is the attraction reciprocated by the bespectacled teacher he meets, but he doesn’t seem to know who Tre is. After the last few weeks that he’s had, that is definitely a plus.

Michael Pappas decides to lock himself away to get through a round of exam papers in a quiet surrounding. He is also hiding from parents who are desperate for grand kids. When he meets a fellow hotel guest at the bar who seems interested, he wastes no time in playing ball.



This is the first in the Calendar Boy’s series, and what a start! January is definitely the month for Tre and Michael. Both are at the hotel hiding from family obligations for different reasons, but open enough to the possibility that anything can happen - usually when you least expect it.

Tre is leery of picking up strangers.  As a high profile footballer, the risk doesn’t seem worth losing his career over. Meanwhile Michael is under the impression that his geeky looks are not attractive enough for the right guy.

Michael shows great strength in introducing Tre to his family with all the pressure they have placed on him, while Tre takes a chance to be introduced to a football mad family, not knowing what will happen when they figure out that he is Michael’s date and not jut a friend.

January has just gotten better with Jamie Craig’s CALENDAR BOYS - JANUARY: MIAMI'S PERFECT WEEKEND.

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